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Exploring the Business Trend of Spatial Thinking

A WhereNext Webcast

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black and white silhouette of a city skyline

Get an inside look at what spatial thinking brings to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Amazon is analyzing real estate. FedEx is optimizing deliveries. Marriott is modeling climate risk.

Across industries, a mindset is forming: To understand a business—its growth opportunities, hidden inefficiencies, and risks—executives must understand the locations where it operates. That requires what Deloitte calls spatial thinking, a practice that can improve operations, marketing, and risk management—and spark transformation across an organization.

This WhereNext webcast explores how companies are deploying spatial analytics to create efficiency, safeguard operations and customers, and grow.

Listen in to learn how some of the world’s best-known brands use spatial analytics to improve business outcomes.

Hear from the Innovators

Explore spatial business trends with these experts:

  • Austin Wright-Pettibone, Amazon
    • Sr. Manager, Worldwide Real Estate Technology
  • Sheila Davis, FedEx
    • Manager, IT Enterprise Platform, Geography
  • Rob Bahl, Marriott
    • Global VP, Engineering & Facilities 
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Austin Wright-Pettibone of Amazon, Sheila Davis of FedEx, Rob Bahl of Marriott

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