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The New Analyst and the Supply Chain

A WhereNext webcast

On Demand

Across the business world, location analysts are expanding their skills to address supply chain challenges. From supplier risk analysis and global logistics to distribution planning and the circular economy, GIS professionals and their colleagues are playing a new role in where and how goods move.

In this WhereNext webcast, we hear from three industry innovators who contribute to a more resilient and efficient supply chain, and learn how their work has helped increase efficiency, boost sustainability, and improve customer satisfaction.

Join WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli for this lively conversation. 

Insight and Innovation

For companies involved in any aspect of the supply chain—upstream, downstream, global or local, manufacturing, distribution, or retail—these panelists have valuable insight to share:  

  • Emily Jensen, GM
    • Enterprise Risk & Resiliency Specialist
  • Erika Le, Rehrig Pacific  
    • Director Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability
  • Jack Rusk, EHDD
    • Climate Strategist
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Headshots of Emily Jensen, GM; Erika Le, Rehrig Pacific; Jack Rusk, ehdd

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