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The Surprising Ways Location Technology Supports Sustainability

A WhereNext webcast

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When the world demands sustainable practices, how does a company respond? 

How does a company find its place in the sustainability movement? Can employees support those efforts if they don’t report to a sustainability team?

Savvy executives and analysts believe they can—and they’re embracing opportunities hidden in plain sight. They’re identifying ways to use less energy, design more efficient distribution routes, reduce dependence on natural resources, and create equitable supply chains.

During this webcast, we spotlight companies that use location intelligence and GIS to reduce their footprint on the world. We also hear from the professionals who find personal fulfillment in supporting that work. 

Watch this discussion on demand below. In the meantime, visit WhereNext’s sustainability section for ideas and inspiration.

Meet the Panelists

WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli discusses best practices with these panelists:

  • Jason Cradit, Summit Carbon Solutions
    • CIO/CTO
  • Maya Nolan, Esri
    • Commercial Consulting Manager 
  • Ben Wilinsky, Arbor Day Foundation
    • Director, Partnerships and Innovation
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