User Research and Testing

Help shape the future of ArcGIS and Esri

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We're here to learn from you

To create great technology, we have to understand the people who use it. A core part of Esri's philosophy is seeking a deep understanding of people's challenges and accomplishments with ArcGIS. Our user research and testing teams uncover people's real-world needs to inform design and development of our software, websites, services, events, and other customer experiences. We host research, testing, and feedback activities to collaborate with and learn from people like you.

Help build better geospatial technology

Applying a human-centered approach to the design and development of ArcGIS is a critical part of enabling geospatial tools to help create a positive change in the world.

Everyone is welcome

With our inclusive approach to user research and testing, we welcome all backgrounds and levels of expertise—from novice to expert.

Many ways to get involved

Participate in remote and in-person activities year-round from home, at an Esri event, or in the field. Self-paced or moderated options.

Your input matters

Insights from feedback are essential to enhancing Esri's development process and improving customer experiences.

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Why participate?


Research and testing activities


Who you'll meet

Software engineers, managers, and experts

Ask questions and give feedback directly to the people building the Esri software you use.

Designers and researchers

We are always learning from and acting on feedback from people interacting with our software and websites.

Fellow geospatial thinkers

Network in research and testing activities and discover how other people are applying ArcGIS to their work.

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Frequently asked questions

No. Anyone over the age of 18 years can participate in experience research, holistic testing, and the Early Adopter Community. However, each study or test often has specific requirements based on what is being tested. For example, some are for current or expert ArcGIS users while others are for on people who have never heard of Esri before.

Yes. Sign-ups for each type of testing are currently separate. 

Yes, both are options. The Early Adopter Community opportunities are fully remote, while the holistic testing and experience research opportunities have in-person and remote options. For in-person activities, we abide by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) safety policies regarding coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

This depends on what you sign up for and how many products you express interest in on the respective sign-up forms. We do our best to limit the emails we send. At most, if you sign up for all three (experience research, holistic testing, Early Adopter Community), you may receive several emails per month.

Below are the ways to update your information for reach research and testing program:

  • Experience research: Email your updated contact information to
  • Holistic testing: Email your updated contact information to
  • Early Adopter Community: You can update your contact information under the Contact Settings tab in the EAC portal.

Below are the ways to unsubscribe from Esri's research and testing programs:

No. Participation in user research and testing activities at Esri is not a job and is completely voluntary. Participation in these programs is not used for recruiting, hiring, or career consideration purposes.

Sometimes, as it depends on each research study or activity. For things that involve designs, prototypes, or development builds that are not yet public, we do require completing an NDA prior to participating. However, many research and testing activities involve publicly available software, websites, and knowledge that do not require completing an NDA.

We take privacy seriously. Our research and testing teams follow Esri's privacy policies. The contact information you provide in the sign-up forms will not be shared with or sold to anyone outside Esri.

For any questions, queries, or feedback related to Esri's user research and testing programs, you can email