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From Space to Screen: How to Easily Access and Task Satellite Imagery in ArcGIS

June 4 and 5, 2024

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Webinar overview

Featuring Esri Partner SkyWatch

Join Esri and SkyWatch to learn about the latest frontiers of GIS and imagery: user access to current, powerful satellite imagery that can be seamlessly integrated into the ArcGIS environment. Envision custom basemaps, discover analytical insights, and see Earth from a new perspective.

Featured Speakers

Join our subject matter experts from Esri and SkyWatch.


What you'll learn

How the Esri ArcGIS and SkyWatch integration allows you to access authoritative satellite imagery for your diverse workflows.

  • Use a vast, reliable imagery archive of commercial and public data.
  • Process satellite imagery in an ArcGIS environment.
  • Create custom basemaps and discover analytical insights.


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