Spring 2014

Instantly More Productive with ArcMap

10 tips you can use today

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These tips will help you accomplish common tasks more quickly.

Description Shortcut
1 Activate a data frame Hold down the Alt key and click the data frame name.
2 Create a copy of a layer within the same data frame Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the layer up or down. Select multiple layers and Ctrl-drag them all at the same time.
3 Move a layer to a different data frame Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging it to the new data frame.
4 Zoom to the extent of a layer Hold down the Alt key and click a layer name.
5 Open a layer's properties dialog box Select the layer and press Enter.
6 Pan the map Hold down the C key while any tool is active.
7 Zoom in Hold down the X key.
8 Quickly open a table Hold down the Ctrl key and double-click a layer or table in the table of contents or select the layer or table and press Ctrl+T.
9 Invert a selection in a table Press Ctrl+U.
10 Toggle field sorting in a table between ascending and descending Double-click a field name.

You can find these tips and many others in the ArcGIS for Desktop Help.