Geodesign Summit

February 25-28, 2019 | Redlands, CA

Resilient by Design
It is becoming increasingly clear that the world is changing faster than our institutions are able to respond. More broadly, this implies that planning practices rooted in the twentieth century may no longer be adequate to address twenty-first-century problems. If we are to build smart, livable, and resilient communities, we need to reexamine our assumptions and reboot our thinking about what it means to plan for a rapidly evolving world.
This year's event will change the way you think about the planning practice. You'll hear from your colleagues and GIS experts about smart planning technology and geodesign techniques that will help you evaluate planning proposals against possible outcomes, engage diverse voices, and communicate effectively across departments and with the public.
Interactive Design
Smarter Decisions
What is Geodesign?
Planners are tasked with designing a more resilient world for future generations. Geodesign answers the need for a more efficient, sustainable, and holistic approach to planning. Combine the scientific power of Esri GIS technology with the creative aspects of design thinking to create safe, vibrant, sustainable communities. Complex problems like urbanization, globalization, and extreme weather cannot be solved by one person or profession alone. Geodesign supports collaborative planning and informs decision making on these critical issues. Use geodesign to work across scales and disciplines. Develop innovative solutions that improve lives and lead to a resilient world.