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Map Pads Are Handy and Useful

Wouldn't it be handy to have a quick and inexpensive map of your city to make notes on? The City of Carson had so many requests for such maps that they made pads of them. At about 19 square miles and with a fairly rectangular shape, an acceptable scale of the City fits on an 11" x 17", or tabloid size, page. The City's reproduction section makes copies at a few cents a sheet and then gums one edge to create a pad of maps.

People use them to sketch out ideas, to trace routes in the field, to make notes, and as rough plans for GIS staff to make larger-sized maps with more detailed information. When maps are cheap and plentiful, it encourages people to use them. During the vote count at the City's recent election, some members of the public used map pads to keep track of election results by precinct. There is one drawback to making map pads to have around the office--they keep disappearing. Maybe that is a good thing.

For more information, contact Barry Waite, Carson's GIS manager (e-mail: Also see sidebar, "GIS Supports Economic Development in Southern California Communities."

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