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Fall 2002
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Introducing ArcWeb USA

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ArcWeb USA will allow developers to provide "find a place" functionality within their applications.

ArcWeb USA is Esri's first GIS Web Services offering--part of the new family of ArcWeb Services products.

With ArcWeb USA, developers can include geographic functionality in their applications without hosting the data or developing the necessary tools themselves. ArcWeb USA gives developers the ability to perform real-time processing on the computers where the Web services are located and return the results to a local application--all over the Internet.

The new product will consist of self-contained, modular components and applications that can be published and accessed over the Web.

ArcWeb USA will enable developers to

  • Input a U.S. street address and receive a candidate list of matches.
  • Generate multipoint driving directions between user-defined locations.
  • Provide "find a place" functionality within Internet applications.
  • Determine the census demographics for an area of interest.
  • Upload and maintain points of interest to use in mapping.
  • Generate dynamic maps of U.S. streets, topography, demographics, and more.

ArcWeb Services could have a significant impact on the spatial arena because they combine the connecting potential of Web services with the integration power of GIS. Web services can help integrate various information layers and activities while allowing individual identities and work flows to be maintained.

ArcWeb USA could benefit distributed organizations such as local governments that need to integrate many layers of data throughout various departments and entities.

ArcWeb USA is deployed through standard Web protocols including HTTP, WSDL, UDDI, and XML. ArcWeb USA uses XML-based Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to communicate, making ArcWeb USA compatible with the majority of Web service frameworks available today.

For more information, visit, call Esri at 1-800-447-9778, or call your Esri regional office. Outside the United States, please contact your local Esri distributor.

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