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Fall 2002
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Business Partners Share at User Conference

Introducing New Solutions

The Exhibit Pavilion was a great success at Esri's 2002 Annual International User Conference, which was held July 8-12 in San Diego, California. Several Esri Business Partners were proud to present their ArcGIS solutions to the 11,000 GIS professionals in attendance. Here are just a few of the new solutions introduced at the conference.

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Prevalent Technologies
STEREO Editor by Prevalent Technologies in Singapore is an ArcGIS extension that bridges the gap between feature collection and extraction with SOCET SET (by BAE SYSTEMS) photogrammetric tools and the database population, update, and maintenance done in ArcMap. Features of STEREO Editor include direct multiuser update of the geodatabase, dynamic view of the existing geodatabase including updates by other operators, edgematching addressed by the operator during stereo feature collection using 3D snapping, 3D vector features verified in stereo, and continuous stereo roam. A white paper is available for download at

For more information, contact Tony O'Dempsey (e-mail:

Haestad Methods
WaterGEMS for ArcGIS by Haestad Methods integrates GIS and water system analysis to create a complete GIS solution for the modeling, management, and protection of drinking water infrastructure. Engineers can build models from scratch or from existing geodatabases, incorporate up-to-date water usage data such as geocoded billing meters, calculate system hydraulics and water quality, and time step through and visually present results, all from directly within the GIS environment.

Applied GIS, Inc.
Migration Assistant for ArcView by Applied GIS, Inc., allows users upgrading from ArcView 3.x to ArcView 8.x to leverage their existing knowledge and skills in learning and migrating. With the Migration Assistant, a user can select any known ArcView 3.x operation and view a custom, migration-oriented help topic that describes how to perform the corresponding operation in ArcView 8.x.

Voice Assistant for ArcPad, a VQL product from Voice-Insight, enables users out in the field to complete their common ArcPad applications using their voice. Users can perform basic tasks such as zoom in, zoom out, and pan as well as more complex tasks, such as retrieve and update forms, query data, and edit features, all with the sound of their voice, in a natural way.

Visual Learning Systems
Feature Analyst for ArcGIS and ArcView by Visual Learning Systems is an automated feature extraction system. Feature Analyst offers a combination of automation, accuracy, simplicity, and innovation. It is a solution for many markets such as forestry, state/local government, and natural resources. It is successful at small feature capture and extracting planes, manholes, and power poles, among others.

MoosePoint Technology by MoosePoint Technology is an ArcIMS software-based Internet solution that can be configured to provide virtually any Web-based mapping application. The focus combines the ease of use of the Internet with efficient serverside processing and extended functionality into a flexible and scalable solution. The development team has integrated multiple software technologies (ArcIMS, XML, COM, ASP, DHTML, and CSS) to create an application development engine.

For more information, visit or e-mail

PV.Web by GeoAnalytics is a Web-based version of its ParcelVantage solution. It provides users with a simple, intuitive application for navigating, querying, and reporting on spatial and nonspatial land information with an emphasis on property information. PV.Web supports a host of spatial data ranging from digital orthophotography to parcel, land use, zoning, and facility databases. PV.Web supports data in Esri shapefiles and ArcSDE formats and can be customized to serve specific customer requirements based on local needs.

The next formal gathering of Esri's Business Partners will take place at the 2003 Esri Global Business Partner Conference. This annual event will be held March 23-25, 2003, in Palm Springs, California. For more information, please e-mail

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