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Fall 2002
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New Tool Available for Converting Avenue Code to VB/VBA

Avenue WrapsA new publication from Cedra Press titled Avenue Wraps is now available to assist ArcGIS users converting their Avenue code to Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code. Comprising 600 pages, this book offers detailed information describing the process of how Avenue code can easily be converted.

While the increase in capabilities and robust development environment in ArcGIS is rapidly making ArcGIS the most popular GIS software in the world, some Avenue developers do need to convert a large amount of code. With the release of Avenue Wraps from Cedra, there is now a helpful tool available. When converting code, the easiest conversion work normally occurs when a direct one-to-one correspondence of the items that need to be converted is present. These wraparounds, or one-to-one correspondences, are available in Avenue Wraps. Through these wraparounds, an Avenue script easily becomes a VB/VBA macro simply by substituting the appropriate Avenue wrap equivalent.

Containing more than 270 Avenue wraparounds, which simulate the operation of Avenue requests, Avenue programmers are now able to migrate their applications to the ArcGIS environment with ease. By substituting the appropriate Avenue Wraps wraparound for an Avenue request, an Avenue-based application can be turned into an ArcGIS application. In addition, the authors have made the book as generic as possible. Thus, in addition to being of assistance in converting Avenue code into ArcObjects, these wraps can be used to write totally new programs for ArcObjects using Avenue-software "like" commands. This enables an Avenue programmer to develop applications for ArcGIS using an Avenue programming style.

In addition to the description of each Avenue wrap, numerous code examples are provided in Avenue Wraps illustrating the use of the wraparounds. The book's companion CD includes an ArcMap document file containing all of the Avenue Wraps wraparounds, and this project file can be used as a starting point in converting an Avenue application.

For more information or to purchase a copy of Avenue Wraps, please visit or

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