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Fall 2004
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ArcGIS 9 Product Plans

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ArcGIS Network Analyst will be available at the 9.0.2 release.

ArcGIS 9 began shipping in May 2004 and introduced new functionality, including more than 400 geoprocessing tools within the desktop environment and global 3D visualization. It also made significant progress improving the usability, reliability, and interoperability of the entire ArcGIS system. In addition, two new products were introduced: ArcGIS Server for providing complete GIS capabilities to distributed users from a centralized location and ArcGIS Engine for building and deploying custom GIS and mapping applications. In response to user feedback, Esri has planned a series of follow-on releases.

Service Pack 1

ArcGIS 9 Service Pack 1 was made available in the summer of 2004 and contains performance improvements and maintenance fixes. Installation files are available for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcView), ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Server, ArcReader, ArcIMS, and ArcSDE. Visit to download the installation files.

Service Pack 2

ArcGIS 9 Service Pack 2 will contain additional performance improvements and maintenance fixes. As Esri identifies issues being addressed by this service pack, it will post them on ArcGIS 9 Service Pack 2 will be available as a download in fall 2004. It will also be available on CD.

ArcGIS 9.0.1

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ArcGIS Server became available in May 2004.

ArcGIS 9.0.1 is a release of ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, ArcIMS ArcMap Server, and ArcReader to Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Sun Solaris. The Windows versions of these products will not be rereleased at ArcGIS 9.0.1. This release is expected to be available in early 2005.

ArcGIS 9.1

The ArcGIS 9.1 release will focus on improved quality, stability, performance, and documentation. Moreover, it will include the maintenance fixes of Service Packs 1 and 2. One new ArcGIS 9.1 enhancement resulting from user feedback is the ability to save ArcMap documents as 8.3. This ability to save ArcMap documents in formats compatible with previous releases will be carried forward in the future.

In addition, ArcGIS Network Analyst will become available at the ArcGIS 9.1 release. Users will be able to evaluate ArcGIS Network Analyst for 30 days at no cost in the same manner as other ArcGIS Desktop extensions. For more information about ArcGIS Network Analyst, visit

The ArcGIS Schematics and ArcGIS Data Interoperability extensions, which are already available for the 9.0 release, will become fully integrated in the core ArcGIS software at the 9.1 release.

Esri expects to release ArcGIS 9.1 in the first half of 2005. Once available, ArcGIS 9.1 will be automatically shipped to all customers who are current on their maintenance.

Future Releases

Beyond these immediate releases, Esri is planning the scope of future ArcGIS 9 releases. Esri continues to receive valuable feedback from the diverse user community and is selecting which enhancements will be included in the upcoming ArcGIS 9 releases. For the latest information about future releases of ArcGIS, visit

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