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Fall 2004
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Now Includes Community Tapestry

Business Analyst Software Available for the ArcGIS 9 Release

The Business Analyst suite of products has served organizations effectively for years. Now ArcGIS Business Analyst is available for the ArcGIS 9 platform. Improvements have been made to core Business Analyst functionality that helps users

  • Perform customer or store prospecting.
  • Define trade areas based on store locations and customers.
  • Find a location similar to that of the user's best store.
  • Conduct market penetration analysis.
  • Create gravity models to forecast new store potential sales.
  • Perform drive-time analysis over a nationwide street network.
  • Integrate data and geography from the Web.

For a complete enterprise solution, the desktop version of ArcGIS Business Analyst may be combined with subscriptions to Business Analyst Online, allowing access to data and reports from the field.

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Tapestry LifeMode groups for the United States by county.

The current release of the Business Analyst software product includes a rich variety of data. Accurate, current data that is verified by proven methodologies allows users to confidently perform applications that will produce valuable results. For more customized applications, users can incorporate additional information including their own customer data.

Community Tapestry is now part of the standard data offered in Business Analyst software. Tapestry is a segmentation system from Esri Business Information Solutions (Esri BIS) that provides an accurate, detailed description of United States neighborhoods. Using proven segmentation methodology introduced more than 30 years ago and improved last year, Tapestry classifies U.S. neighborhoods into 65 segments based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition.

Tapestry can help companies, government agencies, and other organizations focus their marketing efforts on only the market segments that fit their customer profiles while avoiding those with lower potential. All companies and agencies must identify and differentiate customers, supply them with the right products and services, and reach them with their preferred media. Tapestry is available at the census tract geography level.

The street network within ArcGIS Business Analyst has been upgraded to the Tele Atlas/TomTom (GDT), Dynamap Transportation data set. This will improve drive-time calculation and provide more up-to-date display of the U.S. road system. The ArcGIS 9 version of Business Analyst also adds the capability to join customer data sets directly to SDC-compressed geographic boundaries provided with ArcGIS Business Analyst to expand analysis possibilities.

In addition to the Esri BIS Tapestry and GDT Dynamap Transportation data sets, Business Analyst software comes with an extensive library of data that includes infoUSA business data, census boundaries, Esri BIS demographic data, Designated Marketing Area boundaries, National Research Bureau shopping center data, ZIP Code boundaries, and a complete set of basemap data that provides an attractive cartographic backdrop for analysis.

ArcGIS Business Analyst comes with ArcView 9 but can also be purchased as an extension for use with ArcEditor and ArcInfo.

For more information, visit, call Esri at 1-800-292-2224, or call your Esri regional office. Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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