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Fall 2004
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Esri Business Partners Solutions—Data, Software, and Services

More than 150 Esri Business Partners exhibited at the 2004 Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California. Partners highlighted the extensive data, software, and services they provide to the Esri user community. Products and services displayed and demonstrated ranged from Internet and desktop solutions to server applications and services for a wide variety of industries. In each issue of ArcNews, we are proud to highlight a few of the more than 1,600 companies who partner with Esri. For a complete listing and description of partner offerings, visit


Digital Data Services, Inc.
Located across the street from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) office in Lakewood, Colorado, Digital Data Services, Inc., is a leading supplier of USGS data, both current and historical. The firm also specializes in the design, implementation, and support of GIS systems using the entire suite of Esri software products.

DigitalGlobe offers the world's highest resolution commercial satellite imagery. Esri's ArcGIS family of products allows users to integrate QuickBird high-resolution imagery with other geographic data to provide an integrated raster-vector solution.


MWH Soft, Inc.
InfoWater is a fully GIS-integrated water distribution modeling and management software application. Built atop ArcGIS using the latest Esri ArcObjects and Microsoft .NET component technologies, InfoWater seamlessly integrates advanced water network modeling and optimization functionality with the latest generation of ArcGIS.

Orion Technology, Inc.
OnPoint Web-Editor enables users to edit spatial data (geometry and attributes) using a Web browser. The Web-Editor fulfills the needs of many organizations that want to empower selected (authorized) users to perform basic editing of spatial data without the need to learn sophisticated GIS data editing tools. Data formats that can be edited include shapefiles, ArcSDE layers, and geodatabase feature classes.


ARC-BERLIN Ingenieure Gesellschaft GmbH
ARC-BERLIN Ingenieure Gesellschaft GmbH offers services in surveying, GIS, software development, and consulting. Integration of survey, CAD, and GIS is the main focus of their ArcGIS extensions.

The Sidwell Company
The Sidwell Company specializes in the development and implementation of GIS including geodatabase development, aerial photography, digital orthophotography, data integration, and Web hosting for GIS. The firm also has several GIS professionals on staff devoted to programming and application development with Esri's ArcGIS software.

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