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Fall 2004
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Polish Telecom Implements GIS-Based Decision Support System

The Polish Telecom Joint Stock Company (Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.) is one of the largest telecommunications operators in Europe and delivers its services to more than 10 million business and individual subscribers in Poland. Because of its large number of subscribers and wide network infrastructure, Polish Telecom needed a data management system incorporating both the supply and demand sides of its operations, as well as competitor installations. To support this need, Polish Telecom implemented ComputerLand's GeoMarketing.CL, a decision support system underpinned with GIS technology from Esri.

GeoMarketing.CL is used for the visualization and analysis of data related to the supply and demand of telecommunication services for network infrastructure development, as well as sales and marketing planning. It is designed to analyze a telecommunications network and, with demographic and statistical data, determine potential new services. It provides decision support in sales, marketing and investment areas.

The system is based on a three-layer architecture. The presentation layer allows Web-based map display using MapObjects-Java Edition components. The business logic layer is supported by BEA WebLogic middleware and manages Web-based and Enterprise JavaBeans applications. The ArcIMS ArcMap Server is responsible for map logic management and map delivery to the presentation layer. The data layer is based on the Oracle9i database environment, which is integrated with ArcSDE for data delivery to the business logic layer.

Last year, ComputerLand conducted a pilot project in Warsaw, Poland, that included 90 end users and 2.5 million subscribers in preparation for an enterprisewide implementation for Polish Telecom. Following successful completion of the pilot project, ComputerLand is now rolling out the system in 37 major Polish cities that include 2,500 end users and up to 10 million subscribers. The main goals of the project are to optimize Polish Telecom's sales operations in order to increase the precision of its marketing campaigns and maximize investment potential.

Polish Telecom is currently performing system standardization throughout the company and indicates that Esri's GIS is its leading mapping solution. For this reason, ComputerLand's GIS solutions will be based on the Esri environment.

For more information, contact Katarzyna Sosnowska, Esri Polska (e-mail:

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