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Fall 2006
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2006/2011 Demographic Data Trends

Notable demographic changes revealed by the 2006/2011 demographic data update include the following:

  • Generation Y has matured into the household formation stage.
  • Growth markets are typically found in suburban counties of thriving metropolitan areas with affordable housing.
  • The fastest-growing U.S. counties include Douglas County, Colorado; Flagler County, Florida; Loudoun County, Virginia; and Rockwall County, Texas.
  • Baby boomers are investing in second homes and planning retirement via real estate.

2006/2011 Geographic Changes

Recent changes in U.S. geography and standard statistical areas are integrated in the database and restructured from the block geography level up, with all data for 1990 and 2000 revised for the affected areas. These include

  • Latest revisions to the core based statistical areas as released in December 2005
  • The emergence of two new micropolitan statistical areas: Fernley, Nevada (Lyon County), and Ruidoso, New Mexico (Lincoln County)
  • Current ZIP Code boundaries as of November 2005

More Information

For more information about Esri's 2006/2011 demographic data, visit demographicdata.

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