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Fall 2006

Business Partners Creating Solutions with ArcGIS 9.2

With the release of ArcGIS 9.2, Esri's Business Partners have been working hard to create solutions that work on the 9.2 platform. Several partners had prototypes or beta versions of their applications to showcase at the Twenty-sixth Annual Esri International User Conference. Some of the Business Partners and their applications are featured below and in the Winter 2006/2007 issue of ArcNews.

3-GIS, LLC, a new Esri Business Partner, has developed Field Express Chameleon, a workflow management system. Built with ArcGIS Server (including ArcGIS Mobile), Field Express Chameleon is a new solution to provide the right data at the right place at the right time in a user format easy to adopt, use, and understand. Field Express Chameleon can change its graphical user interface (GUI) to match the job at hand. Whether it is a facility inspection, leak detection, truck routing, or DSL qualification, Field Express Chameleon makes complex workflows simple and intuitive.

Extract Systems, LLC
IcoMap version 4.0 is a parcel mapping conversion and maintenance package. Developed by Extract Systems, LLC, IcoMap's advanced content recognition allows ArcGIS users to rapidly create line and polygon features in geodatabases, shapefiles, and coverages from scanned legal descriptions and maps without having to key bearing and distance information by hand. The IcoMap extension also provides shot call editing, allowing users to make updates to individual lines and curves without redrawing an entire parcel. IcoMap increases productivity and accuracy when creating and maintaining parcel layers in ArcGIS. IcoMap is available as an extension for ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo.

Rapidis ApS
Traffic Analyst, a transportation planning extension for ArcGIS, was developed by Rapidis ApS, a Business Partner of Informi GIS A/S, Esri's distributor in Denmark. Traffic Analyst turns ArcGIS into a fully functional transportation planning system. The core of Traffic Analyst is a set of advanced modeling tools that plug into the ArcGIS geoprocessing framework, supplemented by dedicated editing tools for handling public transport lines and timetables. This allows users to create sophisticated transportation models by using ArcGIS Desktop, ModelBuilder, and a selection of Traffic Analyst tools.

The Sidwell Company
The Sidwell Company is a provider of integrated GIS, cadastral mapping, and land records management solutions for local government. Sidwell's Parcel Builder software suite extends ArcGIS by introducing tools and data models targeted to the creation and maintenance of cadastral maps within an integrated land records management workflow. The current release of Parcel Builder is built upon ArcMap (ArcEditor or ArcInfo) 9.1, supporting both personal and enterprise geodatabases. Parcel Builder version 3 will be released in Q1 2007 and supports ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 and all types of geodatabases. Parcel Builder has been adopted by more than 80 jurisdictions throughout the United States.

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