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Fall 2006

Financial Services Mapping Software

BusinessMAP Financial Combines Demographics, Community Tapestry Segmentation, Industry-Specific Data, and Reports

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Drive-time zones around a new ATM site with nearby banks and credit unions.

BusinessMAP Financial, an industry-specific version of Esri's BusinessMAP database mapping software, is designed so that financial services professionals can quickly visualize and analyze tabular data geographically. In just seconds, BusinessMAP Financial automatically converts address records into pushpins on colorful maps, creating a geographic picture of business data not readily apparent from rows and columns of tabular data. BusinessMAP Financial is packaged with Esri's demographic and Community Tapestry segmentation system data, along with industry-specific data and reports from Esri Business Partner RPM Consulting, a leading financial services data provider.

BusinessMAP Financial, available for Windows 2000 and XP, includes the following datasets:

  • Esri's current-year estimates and five-year projections for variables such as population, age, race, and income, as well as Census 2000 data at the census tract geography level
  • Lifestyle/Life stage segmentation data from Community Tapestry's 12 LifeMode summary groups
  • Branch location, asset, and deposit information from RPM Consulting's BranchInfo
  • MarketBank data from RPM Consulting highlighting the deposit and loan potential by market area
  • Member assets, loans, and other credit union data from the National Credit Union Association
  • More than 18 million business listings from D&B
  • Community Development Financial Institution data about economically distressed areas
  • Aggregate total employee data from Esri Business Partner Infogroup
  • Map data from Esri Business Partner Tele Atlas/TomTom North America with street-level maps

Financial services professionals can use BusinessMAP Financial to perform strategic and tactical applications that can result in better decision making. For example, when assessing a prospective location, users can increase the precision of their market area analyses by including information about the locations of existing facilities and ATMs, defining the locations of competitive sites, identifying consumer segments that might be most receptive to new financial services products and marketing campaigns, or developing drive-time analyses to determine the reach of a specific branch. Users can also employ the features in BusinessMAP Financial to route customers to specific branches, assess the loan and deposit potential by market area, and determine the best areas for future expansion.

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Census tracts color coded by deposit potential and bank points colored and sized by branch deposits.

To save time in developing analyses, BusinessMAP Financial contains more than 25 report templates with preformatted information for selected geographic areas, including

  • Deposit Potential—Information from MarketBank identifies an area's potential for deposits at local institutions, plus the Deposit Potential and Deposit Potential per Household by geographies, such as ZIP Code or census tract for selected areas. A chart and map further illustrate the data.
  • Loan Potential—A complementary report to the Deposit Potential report, this information from MarketBank highlights an area's potential for loan business.
  • Competition—This report provides a list of banks, their deposits, and total assets by selected area with a map and chart.
  • LifeModes—Using the Community Tapestry LifeMode summary group data to profile selected areas, this includes a LifeMode index, map, and chart.

Users can also customize their reports for more specific applications and maximum benefit. For more precise analyses, Esri's CommunityInfo for Financial Services data is available as an add-on to BusinessMAP Financial at the block group geography level. MarketBank and BranchInfo databases are also available in premium editions of BusinessMAP Financial.

More Information

For more information about BusinessMAP Financial, visit, contact your local Esri reseller (to locate a reseller near you, visit, or call Esri directly at 1-800-970-0033.

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