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Fall 2006

Esri's Business Analyst Suite of Products

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ArcWeb Services Explorer showing 5-, 10-, and 20-minute drive times for the city of Los Angeles.

The Business Analyst product is an extension of ArcGIS that provides a suite of business-focused solutions for ArcGIS Desktop. These applications are also available online as a GIS Web service. All three include the most current data and allow users to perform in-depth trade area analyses, site selection, and competitor analyses. The same functionality will soon be available as an extension to ArcGIS Server.

About ArcGIS Business Analyst

The Business Analyst solution integrates extensive business, demographic, and consumer expenditure data to assist users with critical decisions, such as analyzing the market and competition, finding the ideal site for a new business location, or targeting direct mail. ArcGIS Business Analyst allows users to perform sophisticated business analysis in one easy-to-use application.

By blending information, such as a user's own sales data, with prepackaged demographics; competitor locations; and geographic data, such as census boundaries, territories, and store locations, Business Analyst helps users better understand markets, customers, and competition.

About Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online provides reports and maps about people, housing, and businesses in the United States. More than 50 presentation-quality reports and maps are available in PDF format, Excel, or XML from Business Analyst Online. Proven GIS technology is combined with extensive business, demographic, and consumer spending data to deliver reports and maps from a user-friendly Web site powered by Esri's ArcWeb Services. Information in the Business Analyst Online reports and maps helps explain the demographics, lifestyles, and buying behaviors of U.S. households.

Agencies, companies, and organizations can use this information to analyze trade areas, identify and compare new store locations, evaluate competitors, target direct mail, and find new customers. Users can combine their own spreadsheets with the Business Analyst Online reports to perform calculations and incorporate sections of the reports into other documents. The reports and maps are also available via ArcWeb Services through the standard transactional pricing model or through special packages.

My Business Analyst Online is a customized version of Business Analyst Online and provides a "private label" look and feel; an organization's logo and colors are used throughout the site and on the printed reports and maps. Custom reports and applications and implementation support are also available.

About Business Analyst Web Services

Business Analyst Web services allow Web developers to build a custom Business Analyst Online application through a subset of the ArcWeb Services APIs. End user analysis can be provided with access to demographic, consumer spending, and business reports and data. Typical projects for these developers include building applications for site selection and evaluation, market analysis, and business continuity planning for both the public and private sectors.

Building custom applications using Business Analyst Web services allows companies to present information to end users in a format that aligns with their business workflow. Furthermore, Esri hosts the data and seamlessly updates it regularly so companies always have access to the latest data easily and efficiently over the Web.

The available reports and pricing are identical to the Premium and Basic subscriptions of Business Analyst Online. For more information, visit

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