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Fall 2006

Geospatial Matters—Motivating and Inspiring Discussion

Geospatial Matters: Exploring the Implications of a Digital Earth is a 260-page collection of some of the best GeoWorld magazine columns written by renowned authorities Jeremy Crampton, Jerome Dobson, Daniel Z. Sui, and Nigel Waters.

book cover"Geospatial Matters compiles short, entertaining pieces on matters of fundamental significance to anyone interested in geography or geographic information systems," says Michael F. Goodchild, professor and director, Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science, University of California, Santa Barbara. "All of them are stimulating, raising important questions in a style that is designed to invite rather than close off further thinking."

Developed specifically for the geospatial academic environment, this book is a perfect teaching tool and a must-read for undergraduates, graduates, researchers, policy makers, and others interested in GIS fundamentals. Its purpose is to motivate and inspire discussion about the implications of the technology in today's society.

Geospatial Matters: Exploring the Implications of a Digital Earth is published by GeoTec Media, a division of M2MEDIA360, and is edited by Daniel Z. Sui, geography professor, Texas A&M University, and GeoWorld magazine editor, Matt Ball.

The book, which includes a foreword by Jack Dangermond and an afterword by Michael F. Goodchild, is priced at $32.50 (plus shipping and handling). To place an order, contact GeoWorld Magazine (Web:

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