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Fall 2006

Introducing ArcGIS Mobile—Build and Deploy Mobile Applications Powered by ArcGIS Server

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ArcGIS Mobile allows users to build and display server-based, focused GIS applications that can run on a variety of mobile devices.

ArcGIS Mobile lets users create centrally managed, high-performance, focused GIS applications on the server that can be accessed using mobile clients. Mobile applications powered by ArcGIS Server can contribute to increased field productivity and more informed personnel. These applications work in various states of connectivity (e.g., connected, periodically connected, not connected).

Simple Developer Tools

A software developer kit (SDK) is installed as part of ArcGIS Server and is integrated into the Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment (IDE). The SDK provides developers with core components to manage the server synchronization, storage of local data in a mobile map cache, and display of a mobile map. It also provides a set of tools for performing common map actions and integrating GPS into mobile workflows. In addition, SDK provides the functionality to edit workgroup and enterprise geodatabase layers, nonversioned and versioned databases, geometry, and attributes.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

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Devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile or Desktop technology, including smartphones, Pocket PCs, and Tablet PCs, are supported. Applications developed with ArcGIS Mobile require the installation of Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 on mobile devices. The SDK has been optimized to provide a small footprint (approximately 500 kilobytes) that allows developers to choose from a range of deployment strategies. For example, businesses can deploy applications through traditional methods like copying and pasting using synchronization software, such as Microsoft ActiveSync, or they can push them out over the air through a provisioning system.

Client-Server Synchronization

The ability to build and use mobile applications that can operate in a connected or disconnected environment allows updates to be made on the server in near real time, whenever a network connection is available. Applications can automatically synchronize data with the server, making updates directly accessible to field-workers, as well as to personnel in the office. Timely access to frequent updates allows for better analysis and decision making.

Customized Applications

Developers can build applications tailored to mobile workers' needs by leveraging only the essential controls. Examples of common field personnel duties include viewing data and inspecting features, as well as more advanced tasks, such as capturing the locations of new features with the use of GPS. ArcGIS Mobile allows developers to build geocentric applications that provide basic GIS functionality, including map display and navigation, GPS support, and GIS editing. ArcGIS Mobile can also be used to enhance existing nonspatial line-of-business applications, such as customer relationship management and field service automation systems, with geospatial capabilities. At 9.2, ArcGIS Mobile is available with ArcGIS Server Advanced.

More Information

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