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Fall 2007

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Extends Capabilities and Enhances the User Experience

Latest Release of ArcGIS Explorer

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The new release of ArcGIS Explorer has improved ArcIMS handling, including the ability to select sublayers from a published service.

The latest release of ArcGIS Explorer (Explorer 440) includes performance improvements and other new capabilities and enhancements that continue to evolve ArcGIS Explorer.

For example, performance of 2D map services—such as those from ArcIMS and Web Map Service (WMS)—has significantly increased, enabling ArcGIS Explorer users to better leverage the many existing 2D services into their ArcGIS Explorer 3D environment.

Users working with local data will find improved KML support and new symbol sets, as well as the ability to add their own custom symbols. Pop-up windows are now supported for both results and local data sources and can be customized and configured using style sheets. This enables users to create better visual representations and communicate detailed information for specific features.

Other improvements include the ability to choose from flying to, or moving to, a location. Choosing move to provides instantaneous navigation to the target area.

The ArcGIS Explorer Resource Center, where users can find content such as maps and layers, also includes a number of enhancements. Two new tabs have been added to the Content section to make it easier to find Results and Tasks. The Community Showcase has been improved to make it easier for users to browse maps and link to Web sites that include maps created with ArcGIS Explorer. Users can also browse the ArcGIS Explorer Blog, a dynamic and effective resource for finding out the latest information and learning about real-live examples of how ArcGIS Explorer is used by GIS professionals in their daily work.

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