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Fall 2007

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New Training and Education Offerings from Esri

General Instruction

An Introduction to Esri Training and Education—Learn about the many training solutions Esri offers and how you can access the Esri Training and Education Web site to find the most appropriate training for your needs. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Desktop GIS

Learning GIS Using ArcGIS Desktop—Get hands-on software experience and an understanding of what GIS is, what it can do, and how it can help you in your work. Learn the basic functions of a GIS, the properties of GIS maps, why a GIS database is powerful, and what coordinate systems and map projections are and why they are important. Instructor-Led Course

Managing Cartographic Data in the Geodatabase—Get an introduction to the new feature class representation model in ArcGIS 9.2 and learn how to use it to store cartographic information. Course exercises help you define representation rules, add geometric effects to feature symbols, and use the new cartographic geoprocessing tools. Instructor-Led Course

Introduction to the Cadastral Editor in ArcGIS Survey Analyst 9.2—If you use Esri software to manage cadastral land records, tune in for a demonstration of the new Cadastral Editor in ArcGIS Survey Analyst and learn how you can use this technology to add new parcels, split parcels, and add control points. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Introduction to ArcGIS Military Analyst 9.2—Learn how to use this extension's suite of display and analysis tools to collect, analyze, and display National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency data; perform coordinate conversion and geodetic measurement; and execute basic terrain analysis. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

An Introduction to Surfaces and Terrains, Part 1—Get tips on how to store and manage surface data in ArcGIS and the common uses of terrain datasets. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

An Introduction to Surfaces and Terrains, Part 2—Learn best practices and the typical workflow for creating a new terrain dataset. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)


Creating and Editing Geodatabase Features for ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcEditor and ArcInfo)—Receive training on how to use ArcGIS software's Sketch and Edit tools to build a geodatabase from the ground up. Virtual Campus Web Course

Best Practices: Loading Raster Data into an Enterprise Geodatabase—When loading raster data into an enterprise geodatabase, you can specify four raster storage settings: compression, pyramids, statistics, and tile size. Learn about the best practices for these settings as well as raster data throughput between clients and the server. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Server GIS

Introduction to ArcGIS Server—Learn the workflow for using ArcGIS Server, including authoring a GIS resource, publishing the GIS resource to ArcGIS Server as a service, and using the service from a client application. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

Introduction to ArcGIS Image Server—Learn how to efficiently manage and serve image data as well as work with different raster formats and ArcGIS Image Server raster types, author image services, and deploy panchromatic and multiband imagery. Instructor-Led Course

Authoring and Publishing Geoprocessing Services—Watch a demonstration on how to author and publish ArcGIS Server geoprocessing services as well as the basic steps to author a model that can be published to ArcGIS Desktop clients. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Authoring and Publishing Optimized Map Services—Watch a demonstration on how to author map documents optimized for publishing on ArcGIS Server as well as learn about strategies for rendering map features faster with dynamic map services and for preparing a better map document for cached map services. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

GIS Applications

Introduction to ArcGIS for Geospatial Intelligence and Law Enforcement—Learn the core GIS skills you need to support your organization's public safety mission. Using ArcGIS tools, you will learn to perform basic GIS tasks, such as accessing, displaying, querying, and editing geographic data. Instructor-Led Course

Working with Geometric Networks for Utilities—Learn the components of a geometric network and the methodology for creating one. You will work with realistic utilities data to create and edit geometric networks and perform geometric network analysis. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

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