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Fall 2009
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Free Esri Publications

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Esri provides numerous periodicals, which can be subscribed to free of charge by simply going to Here are some examples.

Energy Currents

Energy Currents is a quarterly printed newsletter focusing on GIS in the gas and electric community. It offers practical and technical advice for those interested in energy and Esri.

Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services is a newsletter printed quarterly for the health and human services GIS user. The publication features articles describing the function of GIS in public health, workforce development, and health education. Those interested will find techniques for implementing Esri software into their health care work environment.


ArcWatch is an e-newsletter published monthly for anyone interested in what's new with Esri, its software, and GIS mapping solutions.

Government Matters

Government Matters is a quarterly printed newsletter for those interested in state and local government and its relationship with GIS. It addresses possibilities for more efficient community management using GIS.

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