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Fall 2009
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Esri's 2009 Sourcebook Products Provide Exact Data

Perform Accurate Research

To perform accurate research, all organizations need quick and easy access to the most exact data. The 2009 Sourcebook products contain Esri's newly released 2009/2014 demographic, business, and consumer spending data. This information, packaged in soft-cover volumes or on a convenient CD-ROM, is a valuable reference tool for anyone who needs accurate information about any ZIP Code or county in the United States.

buy ZIP Code Demographics Sourcebook Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics, 23rd Edition, contains categories of detailed demographic information, such as population, race, age, housing, income, and spending, for every U.S. ZIP Code. Data methodology statements, data variable definitions, Tapestry Segmentation descriptions, and cross-referenced lists are also included. Other content consists of

  • 2009 demographic data estimates and 2014 forecasts
  • All residential and nonresidential U.S. ZIP Codes
  • Business summary data about local firms and the total number of employees
  • Consumer spending indexes for more than 20 categories of products and services
  • Dominant lifestyle segment in each ZIP Code classified by Tapestry Segmentation

buy County Demographics SourcebookSourcebook of County Demographics, 21st Edition, contains more than 80 updated data variables, such as population, households, families, income, race, age, and consumer spending, for every U.S. county. Lists of core-based statistical area (CBSA) codes and definitions, designated market area (DMA) codes and definitions, methodology statements, and definitions of data variables are included, along with maps of each state marked with county and CBSA boundaries. Other content consists of

  • 2009 demographic data estimates and 2014 forecasts
  • Consumer spending indexes for 20 categories of products and services
  • Total businesses and total employment information for each county's dominant industry

buy Sourcebook-America with ArcReaderEsri's Sourcebook•America with ArcReader contains all the data from both soft-cover volumes, along with query, sort, and report software, on a single CD-ROM. Esri's ArcReader map display software enables users to easily view, explore, display, and produce presentation-quality maps that illustrate the demographic data.

For users needing more refined research and analysis, Esri's Sourcebook•America with ArcReader is also available with tract/place data. The census tract data provides detail for a trade area at a smaller standard geography level than at the U.S., state, and county levels; the place data enables analysts to view an area from another perspective. In addition to this data, all the features in the standard version are included, along with Tapestry Segmentation data for every U.S. census tract.

Data from the Sourcebook products can be used to

  • Determine whether current government services are meeting a population's needs.
  • Explore new markets and business opportunities.
  • Forecast demand for products and services in existing markets.
  • Evaluate store performance.
  • Profile customers or constituents.
  • Analyze sales by territory.

More Information

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