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Fall 2009
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International Users Focus on Today's Challenges

Professionals Find GIS Solutions for Real-World Problems

"It's of utmost importance to bridge the gap between countries and continents," says Esri president Jack Dangermond. "The end result: what stems from our events abroad reaches far and wide and makes great strides in designing our future for the better. It's important for our users to realize that and be part of it." Year-round, Esri distributors work to put on international GIS user conferences, providing convenient gatherings throughout the world for professionals to join forces in creating a stronger, more sustainable future.

Esri Latin America User Conference Puts Geography in Action

The 2009 Latin America User Conference (LAUC) is being held October 79 in Bogota, Colombia, at the Cosmos 100 Hotel. As the leading event for GIS users throughout Latin America, it brings participants together from across the continent and beyond, including GIS practitioners, managers, educators, developers, and business owners. Attendees are able to create networks of contacts to help in their GIS work—from Esri staff and business partners to industry leaders and peers—as well as receive guidance on how to launch and grow successful GIS projects.

The Plenary Session kicks off the conference with examples of how GIS is being used to make a difference in the world. Dangermond is scheduled to give the Keynote Address and, along with other presenters, discuss trends, strategies, and the most significant efforts Esri is making to enhance GIS and benefit users. The LAUC agenda is geared to provide as many Esri resources as possible, including plenty of technical topics, real-world examples, and insightful presentations provided by the user community. The Map Gallery further illustrates how the power of place is being utilized throughout Latin America. More information about the conference is available at

Esri European User Conference Focuses on Geographic Awareness

The 2009 European User Conference (EUC) is dedicated to users throughout Europe and is being held October 1416 at the Vilnius Congress Concert Hall and Reval Hotel Lietuva in Vilnius, Lithuania, the European Capital of Culture 2009; this honor gives the city a chance to showcase its cultural life and development. The conference theme "GIS: Geographic Awareness" sets the tone for the event's preconference seminars, paper sessions, technical workshops, and other activities that discuss how to best apply geography and technology for measurable results in any market. Attendees are able to increase their GIS skill sets; access helpful tools; and delve into special topics, from saving money and IT integration to best practices in mapping, cadastre, natural resources, urban development, telecommunications, and more.

During the Plenary Session, Dangermond talks about the future of Esri GIS. Additionally, Esri staff members who create the ArcGIS software suite give updates on the most recent capabilities and techniques. Participants are offered a range of sessions and workshops. There is also a Gala Dinner at Belemontes, an old country estate situated on the Vilnia River. More information is available at

Esri Middle East and North Africa User Conference Offers Key Resources

The 2009 Middle East and North Africa User Conference (MEAUC), which will be held November 1012 in Manama, Bahrain, at the Diplomat Radisson SAS Hotel, is designed to be a valuable resource for users in the Middle East and North Africa. Professionals in any industry and at any level of experience with GIS technology will be able to explore project issues and discover how to achieve more GIS-driven results in their organizations and societies. Attendees will hear from Dangermond; learn about the latest real-world GIS applications that solve unique problems and address recent trends; gain time-saving tips and tricks that further GIS investments; and be able to build relationships with other users, as well as Esri staff and business partners.

From executives and managers to GIS and IT end users, participants will be able to strengthen their GIS knowledge and skills. Important resources, such as technical workshops led by Esri product managers and paper sessions on successful GIS applications, will provide many ways to get cost-saving ideas or solutions to technical questions. Visitors can meet one on one with Esri staff, hear from industry leaders on how to best leverage GIS in today's changing world, and connect with their peers on how to use GIS best practices to address changes in different markets. More information and online registration are available at

Esri Asia Pacific User Conference Aims to Extend Location Intelligence

The 2010 Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC), combined with Esri Australia Pty. Ltd.'s 2010 client conference (OZRI), will take place March 35 in Queensland's Gold Coast, Australia, at the Conrad Jupiters hotel. The new combination will provide a larger forum for users to cover a lot of ground in their understanding and skill building as well as collaborate with their peers. "GIS: Extending the Reach" is the conference theme, recognizing that GIS has evolved from being seen as a tool to simply pair location and information to being acknowledged as a serious business system that delivers real benefits. The program will delve into three streams focused on how location intelligence solutions are making it easier to widen and deepen the reach of GIS, whether it is across the globe, throughout a business or department, or in projects of any size.

With delegates expected from many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region, this event offers a valuable venue for professionals to share how their organization or community is applying GIS. Users are invited to tell their GIS story at the conference, communicating how they have pushed boundaries to extend the power of geospatial intelligence and helping numerous others learn from real-world GIS experiences. Presentation abstracts may be submitted at

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