ArcGIS for Server Disseminates Geospatial Services

ArcGIS for Server adds geographic data and analysis to web applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways. To submit your site and view others powered by ArcGIS for Server, visit

Digital Egypt
Visitors to Digital Egypt can view a dynamic map of Egypt, check live weather reports, view 360-degree panoramic images, search for Egyptian landmarks, research real estate and commercial services, and perform geometric functions.

Henderson Crime Search
The City of Henderson, Nevada, Police Department crime mapping database provides public access to crime information within the Henderson city limits. The database contains 90 days of crime information.

Peoria County GIS FrontDesk Application
The Peoria County, Illinois, GIS Division built a free and convenient one-stop source of information to meet the needs of the public and professionals needing quick access to geospatial information within.

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