New Training and Certification Offerings from Esri


New Option Simplifies Purchasing Process for Training

The Esri Training Pass (available only in the US) makes it easier for organizations to purchase and access GIS training. With the Training Pass, you can partner with an Esri training consultant to design a training plan customized for your organization, secure fixed pricing with one invoice for all the training days you need, and then provide staff with easy access to Esri training when they need it. Instructor-led classes, client coaching services, and Esri Virtual Campus web courses are included (web courses are accessed via an Esri Virtual Campus annual user license). Learn more at

Learning Without Borders

The Esri instructor-led online classroom is a popular training venue that requires no more travel than your daily commute. Taught by expert Esri instructors who have achieved both Esri Technical Certification and Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) C++ certification, instructor-led online classes use the same materials as traditional classes, offer the same ratio of presentation to hands-on practice with Esri software, and emphasize active learning via group activities and class discussions. Classes are scheduled in multiple time zones to make instructor-led training more accessible to everyone.

If your organization has geographically disbursed staff who need the same training, a private instructor-led online class may be an ideal solution. To talk to an Esri training specialist about this option, call 1-800-447-9778, extension 5757, or e-mail

Data Management with ArcGIS

Your GIS database is a critical asset. All applications, maps, and decisions based on information produced by the GIS rely on accurate, up-to-date data. The courses below teach essential skills needed to centrally store, manage, and maintain the quality of your GIS data.

Instructor-Led Courses

Web Courses for ArcGIS 10

Did You Know?

Each month, you can have no-cost GIS training streamed directly to your desktop. Live training seminars are one-hour presentations given by Esri technical experts on a variety of topics. Every seminar is recorded and published on the Training website shortly after the live event. Viewing a recorded training seminar gives you access to the audience questions, presenter answers, and demos exactly as they happened.

View the schedule of upcoming live training seminars and the list of recorded training seminars at


Two New Technical Certification Exams Now Available

Are you an ArcGIS for Desktop and/or ArcGIS Engine application development whiz? Is enterprise systems integration or information product design your forte? If you answer yes to one or both of these questions, you may be ready to take the next step in differentiating yourself. These two Esri Technical Certification exams are now open to the public:

Learn more about the skills measured by each exam and exam registration at

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