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Hawaii and East Congo—Esri T-shirts Are Blazing!

Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney, database administrator, City of Phoenix, Arizona, was on the Big Island of Hawaii and decided to visit the world's most active volcano. He says, "Although this is my first submission, I have been wearing my collection of Esri T-shirts in interesting places for almost 18 years." Great idea!

Christoph Zonsius
Christoph Zonsius, project manager for GIS in telecommunications at con terra in Germany, likewise paid a visit to Nyiragongo Volcano in East Congo. He says, "This volcano has one of the largest active lava lakes in the world, which is 200 meters in diameter." Lucky he didn't go for a swim!

Lia Indriati
| Online Only Photo |
Lia Indriati, GIS remote-sensing officer, Mercy Corps—a US-based NGO network in Indonesia—is involved in urban programs dealing with improvement of quality of life for the poor, including better health, sanitation, and clean water. Lia is wearing the Esri 2011 "Storytelling with Maps" competition T-shirt! Nice shirt!
Margaret Shaw Chernosky
| Online Only Photo |
While on board the National Geographic Explorer and participating in Project Confluence (, Margaret Shaw Chernosky, a geography teacher at Bangor High School in Bangor, Maine, lost her Esri T-shirt, so she read ArcNews instead and wore a GIS hat near the Svalbard Islands (80°N 12°E), which are 600 nautical miles from the North Pole. (Read details at confluence.php?visitid=17817.)

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