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Spring 2002
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ArcIMS 4 Offers Significant New Capabilities and Extensions

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The ArcMap Server for ArcIMS allows files developed in ArcGIS (using ArcMap or ArcGIS Publisher) to be shared over the Internet using ArcIMS.

With the release of ArcIMS 4, Esri offers major new enhancements to the software, in addition to new ArcIMS extensions and a new version of the ArcIMS Site Starters.

One of the most significant features included in the box with ArcIMS 4 is the new ArcIMS Metadata Server, which can be used to create a central, online metadata repository that facilitates publishing and browsing metadata over the Internet. This metadata is created using the ArcGIS 8.2 ArcCatalog application. The metadata, which is stored in a relational database, is accessed using ArcSDE.

Another major enhancement included with ArcIMS 4 is the new Java Connector. This fully supported connector replaces the Application Server Link in ArcIMS 3.1. The connector allows users to program Java clients and Java applications that use a set of serverside Java Beans. A new object model, Java Server Pages (JSP), tags libraries based on the new object model, and a full range of samples are included.

Users now have an even wider choice of operating systems on which to run ArcIMS. With the release of ArcIMS 4, the software is supported with Linux and HP-UX operating systems, in addition to existing ArcIMS support on IBM AIX, Microsoft Windows, and Sun Solaris platforms.

ArcIMS 4 supports two new optional extensions--the ArcIMS Route Server and the ArcMap Server.

ArcIMS Route Server Extension

ArcIMS users now have the option of adding routing capabilities to their ArcIMS-powered Web sites with Esri's new ArcIMS Route Server extension. ArcIMS Route Server offers the ability to incorporate fast, accurate routing and point-to-point driving directions into Web sites built with ArcIMS. It also calculates optimal routes based on time and distance and accommodates multiple stops along a route.

"Because Route Server is an extension to ArcIMS, it lets users take advantage of ArcIMS software's unique capabilities," says Bernie Szukalski, ArcIMS product manager. "ArcIMS Route Server users can customize map output, use image rendering and feature streaming, and perform spatial and attribute queries."

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ArcIMS Route Server gives ArcIMS users the option of adding high-performance routing capabilities to their Web sites.

The ArcIMS Route Server extension's features include the ability to perform rapid crosscountry routing, set routing preferences (highway preferences, shortest route, or fastest route), and use precision settings to fine-tune results.

ArcIMS Route Server works with a variety of clients, from standard desktop or browser-based clients to custom browser, desktop, or wireless applications. To get up and running quickly, ArcIMS developers can use the sample applications included with the software, or they can choose to build their own custom solutions with Active Server Pages (ASP), ColdFusion, Java, Java Server Pages (JSP), or ArcXML--a GIS extension to standard Extensible Markup Language (XML).

The ArcIMS Route Server is compatible with data sets that are specially optimized in spatial data compressed (SDC) format for high-speed geocoding and routing. Data providers selling data that is compatible with the ArcIMS Route Server currently include Geographic Data Technology, Inc. (GDT), and Tele Atlas/TomTom. Data covers the 50 United States.

ArcMap Server for ArcIMS

The ArcMap Server for ArcIMS allows files developed in ArcGIS (using ArcMap or ArcGIS Publisher) to be shared over the Internet using ArcIMS 4. Through the ArcMap Server, many additional data formats can now be served with ArcIMS by pointing to an .mxd or .pmf file. This includes geodatabase feature classes; feature data sets; geometric networks; coverages; versioned layers in ArcSDE, DGN, DWG, and DXF; and annotation.

This new technology works with all ArcIMS clients that are able to access ArcIMS Image Services. Users can navigate to a specific map location at any scale and print the map with all of the layout capabilities and cartographic quality associated with maps developed using ArcMap.

Users who install the ArcMap Server need to be aware that it must be run on a different machine from the machine running ArcGIS.

New Version of ArcIMS Site Starters Features Buffering and More

ArcIMS Site Starters 1.1 can now be downloaded from Esri's Web site. ArcIMS Site Starters is a suite of application templates, each of which addresses a specific Business function (such as a database search). Web developers can easily configure the ArcIMS Site Starter applications to use their specific data.

The foremost enhancement offered with ArcIMS Site Starters 1.1 is the introduction of the buffer application. This new application combines a typical database search application with spatial query functionality from the GIS. Users can locate features, define buffer parameters, and generate buffer reports with integrated maps.

ArcIMS Site Starters 1.1 also offers enhancements to the dynamic map display page, as well as support for Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape 6.2 browsers. In addition, users now have an even wider selection of presentation styles from which to choose.

ArcIMS Site Starters 1.1 marks the latest milestone in Esri's continued goal of providing simple, specific, and elegant application solutions for the ArcIMS community. Users benefit from an intuitive, step-by-step path to generating maps and reports, while developers can take advantage of the customizable application framework. ArcIMS Site Starters can be downloaded from Support Center.

For more information on all of these new ArcIMS capabilities, visit or call Esri at 1-800-447-9778, call your Esri regional office, or contact your local reseller. Outside the United States, please contact your local Esri distributor.

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