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Spring 2002
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Esri Business Partners Create ArcGIS Solutions

From crime analysis to parcel layers and from asset management to database querying, extensions and interfaces to Esri's ArcGIS software are proliferating. Many Esri Business Partners are developing these tools to help Business professionals, planners, foresters, academicians, geographers, and others streamline their use of spatial information. Around the world, organizations and agencies have discovered how traditional tasks can be performed more efficiently, quickly, and easily with ArcGIS. Esri Business Partners are embracing Esri's ArcGIS software by developing custom solutions, unique services, and customized data to meet the needs of our users. Below are some examples.

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DCSE logoMap Library
DCSE's Map Library is a Web-based application designed for conveniently storing, searching, and retrieving enterprise map files. It can be accessed from any Web browser. Map Library is an ArcGIS extension that allows GIS professionals to directly archive their production-quality maps into Map Library's database without having to leave the ArcMap application. In an enterprise, there are typically many different users creating a large variety of maps with user-assigned file names. As these maps are stored, they become scattered across many different user- or project-based folders. Standard file systems fail to provide a capability for searching on metadata about the maps. Map Library was created to solve these issues.

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GeoNorth LLC

GeoNorth logoQueryPal
GeoNorth LLC is a full-service GIS consulting firm and technology provider specializing in enterprise and Internet GIS solutions. GeoNorth's QueryPal product is an ArcGIS extension for querying GIS and external databases seamlessly in ArcMap. With QueryPal, users can connect to data and set up queries with easy-to-use wizards and an intuitive configuration interface. QueryPal is designed to meet the needs of engineers, planners, analysts, managers, and other professionals to query, view, and analyze GIS and related tabular data in an integrated fashion.

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Management Results Inc.

MRI logoMaintenanceLink
Management Results Inc. has developed MaintenanceLink as a generic interface between Esri's ArcView 8 and Wonderware's Avantis.Pro asset management software. This interface preserves the best-of-breed aspects of both systems. Work management functions of Avantis, including work orders, work requests, asset records, etc., can be accessed directly from the ArcMap interface. Asset data such as work orders, locations, schedules, etc., can be generated from Avantis as map layers. Once generated, these layers are available for use with other Esri extensions.

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The Omega Group

The Omega Group logoCrimeView 2002
The Omega Group's CrimeView 2002 is the next generation of crime analysis software, based on Esri's new ArcGIS 8.x platform, and the first release of the OmegaGIS family of products. All of the queries, mapping, and analyses from their CrimeView extension to ArcView have been rewritten in Microsoft Visual Basic. While CrimeView 2002 will retain the same ease of use and similar user interface as their CrimeView extension for ArcView GIS, which offers an easy-to-use interface for the mapping, analysis, and reporting of crime data, many new enhancements have been incorporated into the product.

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UCLID Software

UCLID logoIcoMap for ArcGIS
UCLID Software's IcoMap for ArcGIS combines UCLID's patented point-and-click COGO technology with an exceptional 10-key COGO package, making it a convenient method for creating an accurate parcel layer in ArcGIS. The IcoMap extension also provides "shot call" editing, allowing users to make updates to individual lines and curves without redrawing an entire parcel. This feature makes updating and maintaining the parcel layer extremely easy. Other features include document linking and a curve "genie" to simplify curve creation. IcoMap is available as an extension for the ArcMap environment within ArcGIS, so users of ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo can use it.

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