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Spring 2002
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Acquires CACI's U.S.-Based Marketing Systems Group

Esri Establishes Business Information Solutions Division

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Esri BIS will continue to provide the demographic data, segmentation, desktop software, and modeling and analysis products and services that have distinguished the CACI operation for 35 years.

Esri is pleased to announce the creation of the Esri Business Information Solutions (Esri BIS) Group. The cornerstone of this new venture is Esri's acquisition of CACI's U.S.-based Marketing Systems Group, a Business unit of CACI International Inc (NASDAQ: CACI). This acquisition, completed in January 2002, involves the purchase of software, data assets, and methodologies. Esri BIS will retain all of the CACI Marketing Systems Group staff and will serve existing CACI customers in addition to new customers. Esri and CACI International Inc have also agreed on a joint partnership to pursue future Business opportunities.

"We believe this acquisition provides Esri an opportunity to better serve our existing users both in Business as well as in public sector and utility organizations," says Jack Dangermond, president, Esri. "The integration of CACI's leading data and Business specialties with Esri's GIS technology will provide users with more integrated and complete data and information services. We expect our combined capabilities will result in further use of GIS as a critical decision making framework for Businesses--similar to the way it is being used in government.

"Traditionally, Esri has focused on creating the best GIS technology and has not offered integrated Business data with its GIS offerings. The packaging of premanipulated Business data with Business software applications is exactly what existing users and the market in general want us to provide."

"This acquisition and the creation of Esri Business Information Solutions strengthens our team's ability to serve the Business community," says David Huffman, director of the Esri Business Information Solutions team. "Esri's technology and dominance in the Business geographics industry, combined with our quality data and expertise in customer targeting applications, will provide unmatched marketing information solutions to our clients. Our number one priority continues to be strong commitment to client service with innovative customer-oriented solutions."

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Esri BIS offers 200 variables for current-year and five-year projections, along with current-year estimates for daytime population, net worth, disposable income, consumer expenditures, and, at the census level, ACORN market segmentation data.

Esri BIS will be focused on serving Esri's private sector and Business customers, which include retail, financial, insurance, health care, telecommunications, energy, petroleum, and more. But there are many opportunities for public sector users to take advantage of the Esri BIS data sets, which historically and primarily have been distributed as private sector areas. Esri BIS will continue to provide the demographic data, segmentation, desktop software, and modeling and analysis products and services that have distinguished the CACI MSG operation for the past 35 years without disruption.

Esri BIS will work closely with Esri's software products organization to build solutions including extending ArcView Business Analyst. The CACI Marketing Systems operation has, for the past year, been working closely with Esri on the next generation of ArcView Business Analyst as well as Web services for Business information. Esri BIS will not only continue supporting CACI customers but will also introduce additional options for both delivery of information (e.g., over the Internet) and more enhanced Business analysis and capabilities. These horizontal technologies will benefit all Esri customers and Business Partners.

Demographic Sourcebooks

Esri BIS will also continue publishing the former CACI MSG demographic sourcebooks many organizations have come to rely on. Esri BIS demographic sourcebooks provide detailed information about every ZIP Code and county in the United States. Divided into ZIP Code and county editions, the Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics and the Sourcebook of County Demographics are included in many corporate, college, and public libraries as well as Businesses and government agencies. Esri BIS also offers the sourcebooks in two soft-cover volumes or combined on one convenient CD-ROM called Sourcebook.America.

click to see enlargementThe latest versions of the sourcebooks (ZIP Code Demographics, 16th Edition, and County Demographics, 14th Edition) are now available at Each book includes the latest census information, updates and forecasts, spending potential data and Business data. Every U.S. ZIP Code and county is profiled with demographic data variables such as population, households, families, race, income, and spending potential indices. Data methodology statements and valuable cross-referenced information are also included in each volume, along with ACORN segmentation summaries in the ZIP Code book and a complete set of state maps in the County book.

The public and private sector use the Sourcebook data for many applications such as the following:

  • Developing Business opportunities
  • Evaluating existing and future sites
  • Profiling current and potential customers
  • Comparing sales territories
  • Forecasting product demand
  • Local government economic development

The convenient Sourcebook.America CD is loaded with data from both printed Sourcebooks along with proprietary query, sort, and report software.

In addition, Esri BIS is repackaging the sourcebook data as a new product, with ArcReader software included. This extends the existing sourcebook products with the addition of maps. This is planned for July 2002.

For more information, contact Esri BIS (Toll free tel.: East/800-292-2224 or West/800-394-3690) or visit

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