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Spring 2002
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Mexico, Vietnam, Peru, and Margarita Island Host Esri T-Shirts!

Patti Bailey and John Schaeffer of Juniper GIS Services in Bend, Oregon, welcomed the millennium in Esri T-shirts while in the small Mayan Village of Tabi, Quintana Roo, Mexico. As part of the group Intercambio Cultural Maya, they spent a week living with a Mayan family, helping to build the medical clinic seen in the background.

Vu Hong Diep (left), GIS expert at Hai Phong Water Supply Company in Hai Phong, Vietnam, and Kari Mikkonen, project manager and GIS expert at Soil and Water Ltd., Vantaa, Finland, are enjoying wearing Esri T-shirts while taking a break from a project where they cooperate in developing GIS for the water supply company. Kari tells us that "Hai Phong, which is situated east of Hanoi, is the third largest city in Vietnam, lively and fascinating."
  Patti Bailey and John Schaeffer

Vu Hong Diep and Kari Mikkonen

David HansonDavid Hanson, GIS analyst for SureWest Communications, Roseville, California, is clearly enjoying a voyage up the Amazon River in Peru wearing the Esri T-shirt he won at the GITA Conference at Lake Tahoe in June 2001. He says, "Some 30 years ago when I attended a tropical biogeography class at Oregon State University, I dreamed of visiting the Amazon. It was a great thrill visiting one of the most biologically diverse regions on earth. The complex rainforest vegetation, together with the vast waterways, birds, monkeys, and other wildlife, made my visit to the Amazon an unforgettable experience!"

While on vacation, Ann VanSlembrouck (left), a GIS coordinator at the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments in Detroit, Michigan, and Tammi Shepherd, GIS analyst/ programmer for Wayne County, Michigan, were caught wearing Esri T-shirts while visiting one of the tropical beaches of Margarita Island, about 40 miles off the north coast of Venezuela, 11 degrees north of the equator.   Ann VanSlembrouck and Tammi Shepherd

Wear an Esri T-shirt in a unique location. Send a photograph to Thomas K. Miller, ArcNews editor, ArcNews T-Shirt Feature, Esri, 380 New York Street, Redlands, California 92373-8100, USA. For information on this feature, contact Thomas K. Miller (tel.: 909-793-2853; e-mail:

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