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Spring 2003
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Business Partners Offer Diverse Solutions for Managing Data

Esri Business Partners have extensive expertise when it comes to developing GIS solutions with Esri technology. Whether it is a custom project for a client or a commercial off-the-shelf product for a specific industry, Esri Business Partners offer a variety of solutions to fit users' needs, as demonstrated by the profiles below. To learn more about solutions available from Esri Business Partners, please visit

CartęGraph Systems, Inc.

MAPdirector for ArcGIS

CartęGraph has released MAPdirector for ArcGIS to provide Esri users with an integrated extension to CartęGraph's series of transportation and utilities infrastructure management applications. This ArcGIS extension is CartęGraph's GIS component for its line of applications to manage inventories and maintenance activities for public works assets. MAPdirector for ArcGIS provides a live link between a CartęGraph database and the ArcGIS environment. CartęGraph applications help create detailed databases of asset information and provide the functionality to create layers displaying information with an easy-to-use Add Asset Wizard. The entire work flow of an organization--from work request to work order creation to the completion of the activity--can be managed with CartęGraph software.

Electronic Data Solutions

HydroPlus GIS

Electronic Data Solutions, a systems integrator specializing in field data collection, announces a new ArcPad 6 template, HydroPlus GIS. This application allows water resource managers to record existing or new hydrolab multiparameter water quality data directly into the GIS. Point locations can be created using GPS or manually by touching the screen. A timed log feature is also available that stores multiple lines of data at a preset interval--no more data conversion or linking tables. Other features include all the functionality of ArcPad, usability on any Windows or Windows CE device supported by ArcPad, GPS navigation, data fields for hand key annotations, and GIS data maintenance.

Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.


Geocortex from Latitude Geographics Group Ltd. encompasses a suite of products and services designed to help organizations communicate and visualize geographic information over the Internet. The Geocortex Internet Mapping Framework (IMF) uses a centralized Java code base to give ArcIMS sites a consistent look across an organization. Latitude has also developed software that provides comprehensive ArcIMS site performance and map usage statistics that administrators can use to optimize their sites and make more informed decisions. Using Latitude's Geocortex Perspective service, users can add 3D viewer functionality to ArcIMS sites and can rotate the 3D scene, zoom in and out, and change the viewing angle. Last summer, forest firefighters in Alberta, Canada, used this system in conjunction with near real-time imagery to strategize in the hilly terrain.

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