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Spring 2003
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Data Available From Esri

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Esri MapData users can perform custom demographic analysis, plot customer locations, map customer visits, analyze customer demographics, define buying patterns, plan trade areas, forecast sales, target direct mail, and locate new retail sites.

Esri may be the first place that comes to mind when people look for GIS software. However, many GIS professionals don't realize that Esri is also a great place to find commercial data products. Esri has recently expanded its commercial data offerings while continuously updating popular data products for use with its Esri software. Below is a summary of some of the data products available through Esri, Esri Business Information Solutions (Esri BIS), and Esri Business Partners.

Esri MapData

Esri MapData provides easy access to a comprehensive range of digital mapping data so you can start using your GIS right away. Esri MapData is the most comprehensive TIGER/Line-based mapping solution for the United States. MapData includes the MapLoader software, which provides a simple interface for selecting a set of thematic layers for a specific geographic region and compiling them into a single output folder. Containing more than 55 thematic layers for all U.S. counties and regions, Esri MapData makes map selection and preparation as simple as possible.

ArcGIS StreetMap

ArcGIS StreetMap USA provides nationwide address matching and street map display for the entire United States. StreetMap USA layers automatically manage, label, and draw features such as local landmarks, streets, parks, water bodies, and other features. StreetMap USA can find nearly any address in the United States by interactively matching a single address or by batch matching from a file of addresses.

ArcGIS StreetMap Europe provides powerful and easy-to-use European street map display and geocoding. StreetMap Europe layers automatically manage, label, and draw features such as local landmarks, streets, parks, and water bodies. StreetMap Europe is available for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Matchmaker for StreetMap 2000

Matchmaker for StreetMap 2000 combines the Matchmaker SDK Professional geocoding engine from Geographic Data Technology (GDT) and GDT's Dynamap/2000 nationwide street and address data to provide superior address matching and street display for the United States. The geocoder provides both batch and interactive geocoding capabilities, allowing users to match traditional addresses, intersections, or alphanumeric addresses. The Dynamap/2000 database features the detailed street and address information needed to provide consistently high geocoding rates nationwide. Matchmaker for StreetMap 2000 also includes state boundaries, cities, airports, parks, lakes, and rivers for map display.

Downloadable Data

GIS users can access several popular geographic data sets in a variety of formats that are downloadable for immediate use with your GIS software. You can preview these data sets and then download selected areas in a ready-to-use GIS format such as an Esri shapefile.

ArcWeb Services

ArcWeb Services offer a way to include GIS content and capabilities in your applications without having to host the data or develop the necessary tools yourself. A key advantage of ArcWeb Services is that you can combine multiple services and integrate them with your own application environment, leading to limitless possibilities for sharing geographic information. With ArcWeb Services, you can access a vast assortment of data including transportation, meteorologic, imagery, and more. And you can choose to subscribe to ArcWeb Services either as a package or individually.

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ArcWeb USA includes data from sources such as GDT Dynamap/2000, USGS National Elevation Data, USGS National Land Cover Data, FEMA Q3 Flood Data, Census 2000 Population, and Esri Data & Maps.

ArcWeb USA provides a suite of ArcWeb services that can be integrated easily into any Web or desktop application. With ArcWeb USA, developers can include GIS content and capabilities in their applications without hosting the data or developing any GIS applications themselves, resulting in significant savings of development time, money, and computer resources. From simple mapping to more complex tasks, such as multipoint routing, ArcWeb USA makes developing lightweight, Web-enabled applications simpler and faster than ever before.

Sourcebook·America With ArcReader

Now you can view Sourcebook·America With ArcReader! Esri BIS has combined demographic data from The Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics and The Sourcebook of County Demographics with its proprietary query, sort, and report software into one convenient CD-ROM called Sourcebook·America. The ArcReader map display software from Esri is now included in this edition to allow you to easily view, explore, and print maps.

Esri BIS offers a wide variety of data products including ACORN segmentation, Business, crime, shopping center, and traffic data to integrate with GIS and enhance marketing solutions. CommunityInfo related data tables (see "Esri BIS Launches CommunityInfo Data Sets") are tailored to specific industries such as economic development, homeland security, financial services, health and human services, insurance, restaurant, and retail.

These data products are available in a range of deliverables from hard-copy reports to online in a variety of formats. To learn more about all of the data products available from Esri and Esri BIS, visit

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