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Spring 2003
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Esri Technology Serves Online Maps for the World

Make the Global Connection With Internet Mapping

The good news is that the number of Internet mapping sites using Esri technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The bad news is that ArcNews can only feature a few of these wonderful sites in each issue. Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications such as e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, data warehousing, customer service and support, location services, and field data integration. This issue features online mapping services for tourists, conservationists, environmental managers, and Businesses. Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at To be included, visit and submit a description of your mapping site.

Street Finder and Atlis
The Toowoomba City Council, Queensland, Australia, notes that since its launch of Street Finder in September 2001, use of the mapping component has grown four times and constitutes two-thirds of the total traffic to the city's Web site. An ArcIMS solution, Street Finder is a suite of simple, interactive mapping applications for Toowoomba and its regional area. Atlis is an extension of Street Finder with advanced functionality including querying, more layers, and year 2000 aerial photography. Atlis is a free subscription service, but users need to register to use it.

African Dream
The African Dream project is an alliance of individuals, corporations, and institutions committed to job creation, tourism, and conservation in Africa. A goal of the Internet site is to link points of interest in Africa from "the Cape to Cairo" in a continuous network of tourism routes. Powered by ArcView IMS, the Web site enables viewers to create customized maps of what they want to see and experience throughout Africa. Users can search for specific routes for birding, flora, dining, hiking, boating, and other cultural attractions.

This MapObjects IMS site is an interactive mapping guide of Hong Kong with details on public facilities and places of interest. Users can select from a large amount of spatial and attribute data in 35 thematic layers and interface with eight zoom scales. This Web site is in Chinese. Although some of the map annotations are also listed in English, users will have to understand Chinese to navigate the mapping tools.

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