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Spring 2003
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Tablet PC Support for ArcGIS 8.3

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Use Tablet PC Ink Technology and ArcGIS to sketch diagrams and tie them to a geographic location.

Esri has developed a set of free, downloadable tools to support ArcGIS for the Tablet PC built to the design specifications of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. These tools allow ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo users to take advantage of the Tablet PC's innovative features such as pen-based computing, digital ink technology, and enhanced mobility functions.

Users in a number of applications areas will benefit from a Tablet PC running Esri's ArcGIS Desktop software including electric and gas utilities; telecommunications; local, state, and federal governments; homeland security; agriculture; retail; health care; and many more.

There are four new features for ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo Tablet PC users:

  • Tablet PC Digital Ink Technology--Esri has extended ArcGIS Desktop with a new toolbar that enables the use of digital ink technology. With the Tablet Toolbar the ink tool can be used to create notes or sketch diagrams and tie them to a geographic location. Ink can also be used to highlight features on a map and sketch shapes that can then be used to perform GIS editing tasks. Tablet tools make use of additional ink technology such as command or function gestures and text recognition.
  • Tablet PC as a Notebook Computer--The Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is a superset of the existing Windows XP operating system. Since ArcGIS is fully supported on Windows XP, it also works on a Tablet PC.
  • Tablet PC Pen-Based Technology--The Tablet PC lets you drive the Windows XP operating system and all Windows-based applications using a digital pen instead of a mouse. In ArcGIS, the digital pen can push buttons on toolbars and draw on maps.
  • Windows XP Speech Recognition--The speech recognition functionality is embedded within the Tablet PC input panel and can be used with ArcGIS for dictation.

Tablet PC support for ArcGIS requires ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo 8.3 and is available to download at

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