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Spring 2004
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Serving More Data Online With ArcIMS

Access to an Array of Spatial Information Is Available Online

Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways.

Global Burnt Area 2000 Project
This project employs ArcIMS, which gives users the ability to overlay burned area maps with other sources of information such as country borders, national park boundaries, and land cover. Throughout major portions of the earth, fires are known to contribute significantly to the injection of gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere. This adversely affects vegetation cover. Scientists and policy makers are looking for reliable and quantitative information on the magnitude and spatial distribution of biomass burning. The Global Burnt Area 2000 initiative was launched by a coalition from the United Nations and six other institutions to produce a map of the areas burned globally for the year 2000 and derive statistics of areas burned per type of vegetation cover. In addition to overlaying the maps with other information sources, the application informs users of the status of the project.

The Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (MARIS) is a public service Internet map server. The site offers metadata, retrieval of Mississippi data sets, GIS news postings, announcements, and data mapping. Users can create maps of Mississippi with the ArcIMS application and choose from an assortment of data layers including cultural, physiography, hydrology, education, cadastral, transportation, utilities, administrative, and aerial photography.

Richland County GIS Web Site
Richland County, South Carolina, offers visitors to its Web site several interactive mapping options. With the ArcIMS application, viewers can locate an address or parcel number or view Census 2000 demographics data. The mapping service also includes layers for land cover and soils, hydrography, transportation, elevation, color photography, black and white photography, U.S. Geological Survey shaded digital raster graphics, and satellite imagery.

Skagit County iMap
This is an ArcIMS site using the ActiveX Connector. The local government site for Skagit County, Washington, was developed in-house by the GIS and Information Services Departments. The product provides a simple set of tools for quick and easy map viewing and searching. Available data includes fire districts, commissioner districts, zoning and comprehensive plan designations, ZIP Codes, voting districts, and aerial photography.

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