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Spring 2004
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Maplex for ArcGIS Provides Advanced Text and Label Placement

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ArcGIS advanced automated labeling using the Maplex for ArcGIS extension (data courtesy of IHS Energy).

High-quality labeling is a time-consuming task and can create a bottleneck in the map production process. Since the release of ArcGIS, its users have requested advanced label placement and annotation management functionality with an intuitive graphic user interface and powerful conflict resolution to create labels and symbols for map features.

Esri has satisfied this need by providing Maplex for ArcGIS, an automated high-quality cartographic text placement and labeling extension for ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo.

Maplex for ArcGIS uses the proven Maplex text placement engine to produce high-quality cartographic and automated labeling for digital and hard-copy maps. Its advanced settings for text placement include placement priority, text formatting, and conflict resolution. Maplex for ArcGIS greatly reduces map production time and enhances cartographic quality.

With Maplex for ArcGIS users can

  • Reduce manual editing time using intelligent annotation placement.
  • Control, to a greater degree, the spacing of words and characters.
  • Automatically resolve label conflicts in smaller spaces.
  • Select from new placement styles for polygons.
  • Indicate special placement for lines that represent street features.

Maplex for ArcGIS brings professional cartographic labeling tools to the ArcGIS Desktop environment and dramatically improves the map production process. For more information, visit

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