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Spring 2004
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Community Coder to Enhance Geocoding Capabilities

Esri BIS Community Tapestry ZIP+4 Segmentation Now Available

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Tapestry designations for ZIP+4 provide a much finer level of detail than the surrounding block group.

Community Tapestry segmentation from Esri Business Information Solutions (Esri BIS) is now available at the ZIP+4 geography level. While available as a stand-alone database, Tapestry ZIP+4 is also loaded in Esri BIS' Community Coder geocoding software. For more precise segmenting of customer records, users can employ this combination of data and software to quickly and easily append detailed market segmentation codes to customer records at the ZIP+4 level.

Mail houses, list brokers, credit card companies, and any other business that sends large promotional mailings will benefit from this combination of segmentation data with geocoding software. Appending these codes to customer databases provides an unprecedented level of detail for each customer record. Accurately segmenting a database and targeting the message to mail recipients can increase the response rate, eliminate the possibility of mailing to the wrong audience, and reduce mailing costs.

Companies that already have in-house geocoding capabilities can purchase Tapestry segmentation as stand-alone data files to be integrated into existing applications. The stand-alone database contains the dominant Tapestry segment for each ZIP+4 as well as for each block group, tract, and five-digit ZIP Code in the United States. Addresses with no ZIP+4 designation can be matched to these other levels of geography to obtain a dominant Tapestry segment. Household distribution is provided at the tract and five-digit ZIP Code levels.

"Tapestry ZIP+4 segmentation integrated with our Community Coder geocoding software provides a higher resolution of detailed segmentation appended to large customer databases," says David Huffman, managing director, Esri BIS. "This enhancement integrated in Community Coder helps companies segment targeted markets more precisely and save money on direct mail projects."

For more information, contact Esri BIS (tel.: East/1-800-292-2224 or West/1-800-394-3690, Web:

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