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Spring 2004
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GIS Day 2004

Where in the World Will You Be This November 17?

Will you be leading a troop of scouts on a geocaching trek in your local wilderness? Will you be showing a group of high school students how to use GIS and GPS technology to update and manage zoo exhibits and signage or track the movement of sailboats in a local yacht race? Will you be talking to citizens in your area about water quality issues, explaining how GIS software can be used to collect field data and analyze water samples to evaluate pollution conditions? Or, will you be working with nonprofit organizations and civic leaders in your community to discuss land use and natural resource planning issues in your region?

November 17, 2004, marks the sixth annual global GIS Day celebration, and these are just a few of the activities that the thousands of GIS Day participants around the world will be taking part in to spread GIS awareness and knowledge throughout the planet.

If you're still not sure what you will be doing, it's time to visit the GIS Day Web site at where you will find a variety of ideas and support materials to help you plan a GIS Day event for your organization or community. Or simply use the Find an Event Near You tool to locate details about GIS Day celebrations scheduled in your area.

GIS Day is principally sponsored by the Association of American Geographers, Esri, Hewlett-Packard, The Library of Congress, the National Geographic Society, Sun Microsystems, the United States Geological Survey, and the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

GIS Day 2004 is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17—be sure to mark it on your calendar today! Visit for more information.

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