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Spring 2005
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ArcGlobe Functionality Now in ArcReader

ArcGIS Publisher and ArcReader Enhancements in ArcGIS 9.1

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An example of ArcReader 9.1 displaying an ArcGlobe .pmf with 3D terrain.

The 9.1 release of ArcGIS brings exciting new features to ArcReader and the ArcGIS Publisher extension. These include many features supporting 3D visualization with ArcReader.

New in ArcGIS Publisher

The ArcGIS Publisher extension now supports publishing ArcGlobe documents (.3dd files) as published map files (.pmf files). These documents are created using ArcGlobe, which is available with the ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension. The new 3D published map files can be displayed by the free ArcReader application.

The new 3D published maps can include ArcGlobe animation files (.aga files). ArcReader users can view these animations using ArcReader software's new built-in globe animation player.

New in ArcReader

At ArcGIS 9.1, ArcReader supports the viewing and printing of 2D and 3D published map files. ArcReader software's tools have been enhanced to support interactive ArcGlobe global visualization for 3D maps. The new navigational tools make it easy to interact and fly around the terrain of a 3D map. Other enhancements to ArcReader include

  • The Find command now includes ArcWeb PlaceFinder.
  • A Swipe tool reveals data beneath any layer.
  • The ability to change the transparency property of any layer in the map.

ArcReader is available for Windows (2000 and XP), Red Hat Linux, and Sun Solaris. For more information on ArcReader and ArcGIS Publisher, visit

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