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Spring 2005
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Esri Developer Network (EDN) Launched at Partner Conference

Esri Developer Network (EDN)Esri has an extensive end user and developer community. When performing their primary job, thousands of developers use the ArcGIS platform as part of their standard tool set. Many other developers, system architects, and managers also leverage the platform to make technological decisions upon which important business initiatives depend. To better support these software developers, Esri created the Esri Developer Network (EDN). EDN was launched at the Esri 2005 International Business Partner Conference February 12–15, 2005, in Palm Springs, California.

What Is the Esri Developer Network?

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EDN Web site home page.

EDN is an annual subscription-based program that provides software developers with the resources needed to build solutions that embed Esri's desktop and server technologies. EDN subscriptions are sold to a single authorized developer (per person) on an annual basis (12 months). Software licensed through the EDN subscription program is for development and testing purposes only and does not include any rights for deployment or production use.

Main components of an EDN subscription are

  • An annual EDN subscription provides a library of software for developing and testing applications that includes ArcIMS, ArcSDE, ArcWeb Services, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit.
  • A comprehensive help system is accessible via the EDN Web site. It includes library documentation, a help index and search facility, code samples, object models, and more.
  • A core, evolving component of EDN is a new, collaborative developer Web site for use by both Esri developers and program subscribers. The EDN Web site will help build a global community of GIS developers. The EDN Web site provides an easier way for Esri development teams to share information, such as code samples, technical articles, streaming media videos, discussion forums, Webcasts, and e-mail alerts, with subscribers.
  • Additional benefits include the ability to download software and updates, developer preview releases, and future developer-focused events.

Why Did Esri Create EDN?

EDN was created at the request of Esri's developer customers. They wanted a program that would give them inexpensive access to Esri's developer products and an easy way to manage and budget for development software costs. Many of these developers find themselves in the position of needing to try out software platforms before recommending them for production use and need to build prototype systems for sales and marketing demonstrations in order to get contracts.

There is tremendous value for development staff to investigate a complete technology suite and choose the items that will allow them to architect, build, and ultimately deliver an optimal solution.

How Do I Subscribe?

To subscribe to the EDN program, contact your Esri regional office. Outside the United States, contact your local distributor. All software developers are welcome; you need not be an Esri Business Partner to be an EDN subscriber. To view detailed information about what you will receive with EDN, the license terms and conditions, and what to expect over the year of your subscription, visit for program details.

Reaction to EDN's Introduction

The annual Business Partner Conference was a perfect venue at which to introduce the EDN program. Several sessions were dedicated to the program, and EDN staff had a booth in the Esri Product Showcase. Reaction was positive and enthusiastic.

To learn more about EDN, visit

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