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Spring 2006
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ArcWeb Services Explorer Is Now Available

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ArcWeb Services Explorer demonstrates Flash-based mapping functionality and will soon work as an embedded component in a Web applications.

ArcWeb Services Explorer is a Flash-based demonstration and development platform for ArcWeb Services. ArcWeb Services Explorer, which is built with Adobe Flash and Flex, includes the following key features:

  • Use the built-in viewer functionality for free; no login or registration is required.
  • Find locations such as addresses, place-names, landline telephone numbers, and IP address lookups.
  • Create a basic route or an optimized route with multiple stops.
  • Interact with objects in the map, such as points, lines, or polygons.
  • Rotate the map for mobile applications.
  • Change map styles on the fly.

Soon companies will be able to build business applications around ArcWeb Services Explorer using a JavaScript application programming interface (API). This API will allow an application to control an embedded ArcWeb Services Explorer Flash 8 component on a Web page.

For more information about ArcWeb Services Explorer, visit

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