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Spring 2006
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Local, State, and Federal

Governments Make Information Accessible with ArcIMS

Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways. Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at To be included, send a description of your mapping site and the URL to

Katrina Impact Assessment
The Katrina Impact Assessment Project objective is to assess and monitor the environmental and physical impact of Hurricane Katrina on the ecosystems and infrastructure of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This ArcIMS site offers a geospatially referenced view of recent coastal and ocean observations. Data sources include in situ sensor information, coastal circulation modeling, post-Katrina survey data, and photogrammetry. Hurricane hazard data, such as storm surge, maximum winds, and inland flooding, are integrated with demographic information for analysis.

Petroleum Database Management System for Indiana
The Petroleum Database Management System (PDMS) is a Web application designed to distribute petroleum-related information from the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS). The database contains information from more than 70,000 petroleum-related wells drilled in Indiana. The data includes information on well locations, completion zones, logs, operators, tests, hydrocarbon shows, samples, cores, and geologic formations. Users can access the information by using either of two interfaces. The Map Viewer is an interface that displays interactive maps of petroleum well data. This Map Viewer is connected to the Table Viewer when detailed information is needed. The Table Viewer displays well data in tables. Viewing and downloading well records is only possible in the Table Viewer. The well data is organized in outline form where each well is identified by the IGS ID, a unique number that represents a unique location on the ground. The IGS ID provides the link between the Table Viewer and the Map Viewer. Each well is subdivided into a series of events that make up a well's history. Data for each well event is contained in subtables that are linked to that event. PDMS was built using ArcIMS.

City of West Sacramento
This Web site enables users to explore maps and information about the city of West Sacramento. Users can locate information about parcels, zoning, streets, property profiles, crime statistics, fire station locations, city hall, schools, and parks. Data on the site is updated frequently. While this ArcIMS software-based site is user-friendly and accessible to the public, each city department is also able to obtain information more rapidly, thereby increasing productivity and eliminating redundancy.

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Flood Incident Map
The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) incident map indicates the flood events that are reported by the public within NJMC areas. Users can find out the flood areas by block, lot, and address. This ArcIMS Web site also provides information about what kinds of flood occurred and if any flood protection was used on a specific lot.

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