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Spring 2006
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IMSMA GIS and Analysis Tools Support Demining Efforts

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) has been providing the international IMSMAcommunity with the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) software since 1999. The system supports humanitarian mine action operations in the field by providing an off-the-shelf set of GIS, database, and analysis tools specifically designed for mine action. Since its first deployment in support of humanitarian demining operations in Kosovo in 1999, the development of IMSMA has benefited from the support of a number of partners, including FGM Inc., the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and Esri. IMSMA is provided free of charge by GICHD to mine-affected countries and the governments of countries actively involved in peacekeeping and mine action support operations. The system is currently in use in 41 countries around the world.

The most recent version of the software, IMSMA 4.0, represents a complete redesign of the system and incorporates both lessons learned from the field and new technologies. Developed in Java and with an embedded GIS and based on ArcGIS as supplied by ArcGIS Engine, the system provides users with an easy-to-use, map-driven navigation tool for the database and the power of a full range of GIS features. Combined with improved language support and the addition of new information management and analysis tools, these upgrades make IMSMA an even more powerful tool in the fight against land mines.

GICHD is currently conducting pilot tests of IMSMA 4.0 in Burundi, Colombia, Jordan, Kosovo, and Uganda. The tests will be used to guide further development of the system and will result in a series of updated system releases this year. Once the results of the pilot test have been incorporated into the application, GICHD will begin fielding IMSMA for operational use. GICHD expects to deploy IMSMA 4.0 in approximately 20 countries by the end of 2006.

For more information on IMSMA, contact Alan Arnold, program manager, Mine Action Information Systems (tel.: 41-22-906-16-84, e-mail:

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