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Spring 2007
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Classroom, Online, and Book-Based Options to Meet Your Needs

New Training and Education Offerings from Esri

Everyone has a unique learning style, schedule, and budget. Esri offers a variety of self-study and instructor-led training to suit your individual needs and preferences.

General Instruction

An Introduction to the Esri Support Center—Learn how the information contained within the Esri Support Center can help you become more successful with your GIS tasks. Instructional Podcast (Free)

Standards for Success: GIS for Federal Progress and Accountability—In this latest addition to the case studies series, this book illustrates how GIS helps various federal government agencies streamline their work and make sounder decisions. Author Christopher Thomas, the Government Solutions manager at Esri, includes examples from agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Navy. Esri Press Book

Mapping for Congress: Supporting Public Policy with GIS—This new title showcases the work of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division's Congressional Cartography Program. Dozens of maps illustrate current public policy projects and provide insight into future trends and how patterns may shape public policy. Esri Press Book

Desktop GIS

Learning ArcGIS Desktop—Newly updated for ArcGIS 9.2, this course introduces fundamental concepts of GIS and the major functionality contained within ArcGIS Desktop software. Learn practical GIS software skills as you work with a variety of ArcGIS tools to create maps, find information, create and edit geographic data, and solve a variety of geographic problems. Online Course

Editing in ArcGIS: Sketches and Sketch Constraints—Discover tips and tricks on how to sketch new features or use the sketch tools to edit existing features. Instructional Podcast (Free)

Talking About Rasters in ArcGIS: An Introduction—Explore broad topics and elementary concepts related to how raster data is implemented in ArcGIS applications. Instructional Podcast (Free)

Using Geoprocessing Tools for Cartographic Representations—Learn about the geoprocessing tools for cartographic representations and why they should be used for map production. Instructional Series Podcast (Free)

The Geodatabase

Building Geodatabases—This course teaches how to create a geodatabase, migrate existing GIS data to a geodatabase, and edit and maintain data stored in a geodatabase. It also covers advanced geodatabase topics, such as how to build geodatabase topology and create a geodatabase schema. Instructor-Led Training Course

Introduction to Geodatabase Replication at ArcGIS 9.2—This seminar discusses the three types of geodatabase replication available with ArcSDE technology and how they can be used in an enterprise environment. Online Seminar (Free)

Server GIS

Introduction to ArcGIS Server—This course introduces ArcGIS Server and teaches how to install, configure, and use the product as administrators and consumers of GIS services. Learn how to publish maps, globes, and geoprocessing models that are optimized for performance. Instructor-Led Training Course

Implementing Tracking Server—Developed by Northrop Grumman, Tracking Server is an Esri solutions product that is used to collect and send real-time data from many data sources and formats to Web and desktop clients. Designed for developers who have experience with ArcObjects, Java, C++, and COM, this course shows how to install, configure, and administer Tracking Server; use and share real-time data; build and deploy a Tracking Viewer Web site; and create a customized real-time Web client. Instructor-Led Training Course

Advanced Techniques for Labels and Annotation—This course presents advanced strategies for efficiently manipulating labels and annotation so they display properly without hours of detailed work. Learn how to customize label appearance and text using ArcGIS tools and sample code. Instructor-Led Online Course

What's New in ArcGIS Server at 9.2—This seminar explains how to use ArcGIS Server to publish Web applications and services created from ArcGIS Desktop map documents, models, and locators. Online Seminar (Free)

Building Applications with ArcGIS Server Using the Microsoft .NET Framework—In this seminar, learn how to develop applications with ArcGIS Server and the Web Application Developer Framework within the Microsoft .NET Framework. Online Seminar (Free)

Best Practices: Defining Projection Information for ArcIMS Map Services—Learn why it is important to include projection information in ArcIMS map services and the steps involved in defining projection information. Instructional Podcast (Free)

ArcIMS Best Practices: Optimizing Map Configuration Files—Learn about the best practices for optimizing map configuration files and improving performance in this seminar. Topics covered include methods to optimize map configuration files both inside and outside of Author and how to measure performance and find bottlenecks using the Spatial Server log files. Online Seminar (Free)

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