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Spring 2009

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Learn to Read Maps

Map Use: Reading and Analysis

order it todayMap Use: Reading and Analysis, Sixth Edition, is the first Esri Press publication dedicated to discussing the deconstruction of maps and articulately addresses all map iterations, from those created by hand to those constructed by computer. This hardcover reference guide offers high-quality maps and full-color illustrations to help readers understand topics such as map projections, qualitative thematic maps, and spatial pattern analysis.

The book's authors, A. Jon Kimerling, Aileen R. Buckley, Phillip C. Muehrcke, and Juliana O. Muehrcke, have an extensive background in cartography, geography, and education. The comprehensive text they have developed is ideal for use in both higher education cartography or geography courses. Moreover, anyone looking to effectively read and use maps will appreciate this cartographic resource, particularly budding GIS users.

The text includes lab exercises, FAQs, PowerPoint slides featuring images from the book, and much more. Teacher and student resources are available on the Esri Press Web site. ISBN: 9781589481909, 528 pp., $99.95

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