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Spring 2009

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New Training and Education Offerings from Esri

go to the Esri Learning CenterThe Importance of Investing in GIS Training

During lean economic times, we're often inclined to cut back on what we consider to be nonessentials at home and at work. But before you decide that GIS training falls into that category, read the article "Do You Know Your Training ROI?" at You may end up saving money in the long run by sending your employees to training.

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Esri currently offers 200 courses on how to use GIS software. Our course catalog will help you decide which classes to take this year to best help you on the job. Order the catalog at no cost or download it at


GIS for Managers—Incorporating a GIS into your existing IT infrastructure can increase the overall performance metrics of your organization. This seminar presents case studies of companies and government agencies that have successfully implemented GIS to meet business goals and give managers, executives, and other decision makers an understanding of the business value of GIS. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Desktop GIS

Advanced Techniques for Labels and Annotation—Obtain strategies for efficiently manipulating labels and annotation so they display properly without hours of detailed work, as well as how to customize label appearance and text using ArcGIS tools and sample code. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Working with CAD Data in ArcGIS Desktop—Find out methods and best practices for working with native CAD data in ArcGIS, how to convert CAD data to GIS data, and options for converting GIS data to CAD formats. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Working with ArcGIS Schematics—Discover how you can automatically configure and update schematics projects for distribution in your organization. Instructor-Led Course

Server GIS

Serving and Managing Imagery with ArcGIS Server—Learn how to work with various image formats within ArcGIS Server and the ArcGIS Server Image extension, as well as best practices for serving imagery to both local area networks and the Internet. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Building Rich Internet Applications with ArcGIS API for Flex—Learn the concepts of rich Internet applications (RIAs) and what tools you need to start building fast and visually rich Web mapping applications with ArcGIS API for Flex that you can deploy on the Internet or to the desktop. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

An Introduction to ArcGIS Explorer—Find out how to access and share GIS content and capabilities online using ArcGIS Explorer, a free, easy-to-use application. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)


Installing ArcSDE for Microsoft SQL Server Express
Creating Desktop and Workgroup Geodatabases
Administering and Maintaining Desktop and Workgroup Geodatabases
In this three-part series, learn how to implement and manage desktop and workgroup geodatabases. Instructional Series Podcasts (Free)

GIS Applications

Introduction to ArcLogistics Navigator—Get an overview of the new in-vehicle navigation functionality of ArcLogistics and see how it can help reduce off-route miles and improve fleet efficiency. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

Introduction to ArcLogistics 9.3—Find out how your organization can save fuel, reduce emissions, and cut costs with ArcLogistics. Virtual Campus Web Training Seminar (Free)

ArcGIS Survey Analyst: Maintaining Land Records Using the Cadastral Editor—Learn an efficient workflow for building and maintaining cadastral data using the Cadastral Editor, a new toolbar within ArcGIS Survey Analyst. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

Working with Geometric Networks for Utilities—Learn the fundamental concepts of geometric networks while working with realistic utilities data to create and edit a geometric network and solve network problems. Instructor-Led Online Classroom Course

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