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Spring 2009

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Esri Resource Centers

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The main page of the ArcGIS Server Resource Center is used for accessing information about all the capabilities of ArcGIS Server.
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Users can access Code galleries that include helpful examples from users and Esri staff that can be downloaded and used. Users can also share examples with other users.
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Access online software development kits (SDKs) for building Web applications.

The Esri Resource Centers provide organized and unified Web access to user documentation and other useful information essential for effectively using ArcGIS. Launched in conjunction with ArcGIS 9.3, the Resource Centers have become an integral part of the ArcGIS user experience.

The Esri Resource Centers provide ArcGIS users with simple Web access to a broad range of important product information, including product documentation, samples, map content, blogs, and tools.

Additionally, the Resource Centers serve as a mechanism for ArcGIS users to get connected with others from around the world. Here, users can exchange ideas through discussion forums and blogs. They can share helpful examples with one another through galleries for downloading and uploading code samples, maps, and geoprocessing models.

The main page at introduces the ArcGIS platform and its components and is a launch point for efficiently getting to information relevant to users' current GIS tasks.

More Information

For more information on the Esri Resource Centers, visit

See also Key Features of the Resource Centers.

Please also see the Esri Resource Centers [PDF] poster.

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